Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Party on the Freeway

The last loop of the 202 here in Mesa is finally finished. To celebrate the freeway being finished they had a party on the freeway tonight. It was so much fun and there were tons of people there. With my dad being the Vice Mayor(scary I know!) we got VIP parking and got a nice parking spot with a fun shuttle provided by the Flying Scottsman, which is an airport shuttle where the drivers drive in Kilts with awesome accents, so it was great fun. So we start walking along the freeway and see some fun vendors that are handing out all sorts of free things, like sno cones and other useless things that people like to pass out to promote themselves.

After walking around for a while it was time to head to the stage area for the ceremonial ribbon cutting and other festivities. When we got there we met some other city people and then someone really cool, Ali Vincent, the winner of Biggest Loser. It was fun to sit and chat for a few minutes and hear what she has been up to and what it is like to be in the Spotlight. She said it is kind of weird because she is just a girl from Mesa AZ. When the ceremony was over we walked way down the freeway to where they were doing a hula hoop contest, and had fun trying to hula hoop. When the contest was over Tiffany and I went and got our picture taken with Ali and Bette Sue. They are the funniest ladies. Bette Sue makes me laugh. Earlier in the evening she was riding in a gator and she said she felt like moses parting the waters. what a crack up! Meeting Ali was kind of inspirational and makes me want to work harder at working out, it was really neat. We then came home and had a delicious, yet not too healthy dinner at In and Out.