Monday, January 16, 2012

Will she find love in 2012?

For my birthday this year I am trying a fun experiment.  A friend of mine told me something that her friend did a couple of years ago, she turned 30 and so went on 30 dates with 30 guys.  I am going to try it and see how it goes, however I am going to need everyone's help with this.  Since I am turning 27, I am going to try and go on dates with 27 different guys this year.  So think of the people you know, is there someone you could set me up with? If you do, leave a comment, email me ( or if you have my number call or text me.  It will be interesting to see how this goes, I know it will be fun.  Hopefully I can meet some cool new guys or even the "one."  So start spreading the word and lets see what we can do! Thanks for your help!

Another Wedding!

At the beginning of the year the Riding family was planning a trip to Disneyland. It soon panned out that my friend Tiauna would be getting married the same week of the trip. After I bought my plane ticket to Utah from California, I decided to go on a cruise, so a 3 day trip turned into a 15 day trip! It was so much fun! Not to mention I had been offered a teaching position three weeks before I left on my trip, that I would be starting as soon as I came home. Tiauna was my sister Tiffany’s roommate the last time we were in Florida. She became an adopted sister.
It was very fun to have the opportunity to attend a sealing in the Logan Temple. I love being able to attend sealings.

I have always wanted to go to the Salt Lake Temple, and finally had the opportunity to do a session there.  I told Tiff that she would have to take me to Salt Lake while I was there so that we could.  It was such a neat experience and I'm glad I could share that with my sister.

On the way home she took me to see the Up house. A contractor up there made a replica of the house from the movie.  It was so much fun to see all the detail that they put into the house. 

Then sadly the 15 day adventure was over and I had to return to real life.  Boy was it a hard adjustment going from partying to a brand new full time job.  I'm loving my new job, my students are amazing.

October Adventures

In October I had the amazing opportunity to go on a two week vacation of a lifetime.  I started out on a Disney Cruise down to the Mexican Riviera with my friend Erin that I met the first time I did the Disney College Program back in fall of 05.  She has been able to stay full time for Disney since then.  Her friend Maribel also came along to celebrate Erin’s birthday.  Erin’s roommate Patrice has been a scheduler on the Disney Wonder for a few months and really hooked us up on this trip.  First off since the ship was pretty empty that week we were unexpectedly upgraded to a Verandah room.  We were living the dream for the week, especially when Patrice’s friend, the Concierge manager had treats delivered to our room every afternoon. 

We went to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas with three gloriously relaxed days at sea.  In Puerto Vallarta we did a Disney Excursion to Las Caletas, a private beach area.  We had a delicious lunch and then a beach all to ourselves to snorkel, paddleboard and kayak.  Usually they take 160 people on this excursion, but only 30 signed up that day, so we were again spoiled!

In Cabo the first day we walked around a bit and then went on a water taxi out to the arch and chill on the beach for a bit.  On the second day Erin and I decided to be adventurous and we went parasailing.  It was so much fun! I would definitely do it again.   

Erin does photopass at Disneyworld, so she loves photography.  We took a lot of pictures on the cruise and even splurged and bought the photos from the ship photographers.  It is so worth it, many great memories were made on this trip!

After we got of the ship we said farewell to Patrice and Maribel, and then Erin and I headed from the port in LA to Anaheim to meet up with the Riding family for a few days at Disneyland.  We had a ton of fun, especially since it was Erin's first ever trip to Disneyland.  She enjoyed it, but it was quite crowded.  I can't wait until the construction at California Adventure is done, it won't feel as crowded, there were walls up everywhere. After a few days in the parks I flew up to Utah for a Wedding.