Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

My mother has been watching kids at our house for I don't know how long. Yesterday I walk into the house after work and one of the mothers is there picking up her I think 11 month old and this wonderful 6 year old who loves to ask questions asks the following question about the baby.
L- "Does she know how to talk yet"
Mother - "Not quite yet, She can say things like dada"
L - "Can she say Mozart?"
Mother "No not yet!"

I was dying laughing. When we told his mother (who is an orchestra teacher) when she came to get him, she started laughing. She was really excited that he remembers such things.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I did it!

Yay I made it through my first week of school! It wasn't too bad. Most things went pretty smoothly, but 6th graders sometimes think they are too cool for things and then some of the Kindergartners have never left mom and don't know how to follow directions. I've been going through lots of books and doing research to make everything work. I did some simple line dances with the older kids on friday because my room at the other school is still full of textbooks and hopefully that changes by the time I get there on friday!

This weekend my good friend Lena got married and it was tons of fun. My mom did the flowers and they turned out amazing as always! My mom is so talented, she has a super special gift with flowers. It was kind of cool because I caught the bouquet, and so now I have some pretty flowers in my classroom for the week. I had someone ask me after I caught it if I had anyone in mind. Hahaha yeah not so much, I wish! Maybe there could be, who knows time will tell. For now I am enjoying myself and teaching my little kiddo's music!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

For all my Mesa Jr. Eagles out there!

Ok so my family had a very interesting walk down memory lane yesterday. As you all know my mom does flowers, and she had a wedding yesterday, not any wedding, but the wedding of our elementary/jr high orchestra teacher. Since my mom did the flowers we got invited to go, so we decided we should go even though it might be a little awkward. Well it wasn't too bad, we saw a lot of teachers that I haven't seen for like 10 years, because it's been that long since I went there I realized the other day. Most of them didn't recognize us or come talk to us, which we didn't mind, people like Ms. Morelli, Mrs. Kuhlman and some others. We did go and talk with Mrs. Bunning, Ms. Pitts who got married and was there with her husband and baby, Ms Caraveo who married Mr. Whickman and he was there too. Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Hammon and then how can you forget Alice the AV lady and good old Mary the security guard. It was a very interesting evening, but kind of fun. There might have been more that I'm not remembering, but it was funny! Mar, Tiff and I just sat back and watched all the teachers get drunk and try to dance. It is weird to see teachers in a social setting outside the classroom, and then you tell them what you have been up to! They sometimes freak when I tell them I am starting teaching and that I worked for Disney. Who ever thought that's what I would end up doing with my life! Well I'm off to bed, I've got a big day tomorrow! Watch out world here comes Miss Jones!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Umm, we're not in Mesa anymore Toto

So today was my first day as a teacher! I got a job teaching k-8 music at 2 elementary schools in phoenix in the murphy school district. It isn't my 1st choice but it is a full time job with benefits! I sat through some super boring meetings this morning that really meant nothing to me, and I swear some people just love to hear themselves talk! So when I was done with those meetings I went to grab a bite to eat at the nearest fast food joint, and boy was that scary! I am working in good ol' downtown phoenix and there are some sketchy peeps around there. There was a sign outside jack in the box that said bathrooms for paying customers only. To get water you had to ask for it, there was no water in the soda fountain and the napkins were behind the counter.

I then went to one of my schools to get my keys and start going through my room seeing what was awaiting me! There are some interesting things in there and some stuff that will be fun to use. There are like 5 guitars, I guess I should learn huh? I then went over to the other school and boy was that an adventure. I had a nice chat with the principal. I think it will be a good year! I was not able to go to my room there because they are taking inventory of all the books and they are all stored inside it. I have so much to go through there. It is kind of weird, there isn't really a curriculum I kind of get to do what I want, but I would like to have the structure of knowing what really needs to be done. So here we go, lets see how it goes!