Thursday, October 29, 2009

Being Loved

Sometimes I really like my other school, and today was one of those days. There is a teacher who teaches 5th grade, and she is like my favorite her class is one of the most well behaved and well mannered classes anywhere. I enjoy working with them, I feel most of the time that I have them right in the palm of my hand eating every word I give them. It is an awesome feeling. Today I was teaching them a fun line dance I learned to Thriller, yes Thriller. I thought it would be a great treat because the kids are all obsessed with Michael Jackson. All of the classes enjoyed the dance. While I was eating lunch this one teacher was talking to me and she told me how she had told her class how lucky they were to have me, because I guess the other guy wasn't very good (maybe thats why he was a sub and he didn't last the whole year). She told me that she can tell I am a very good teacher. I hope I can live up to that, but it makes me feel happy and appreciated when teachers tell me such things. I enjoyed finally having my own room at my other school. Yes it finally happened, well I have half of my room, they just condensed the huge book mess to half the room, because it is a rather large room. The first day was kind of interesting because there were no chairs, so I had to improvise because the 7th and 8th graders would have had a fit if they had to sit on the ground. I was pulling out piano benches from the digital pianos, random stools and then some of risers. I felt at that moment that I truly was in the ghetto working with highly underprivileged students. So yeah it is good to feel needed, gives you the boost to make it through the day before Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mi Familia

I love my family, they are absolutely amazing! I will post more of my trip after I finish getting all of the pictures, oh how I also love digital cameras. So this past weekend was a ton of fun. We started off saturday morning with a breakfast with the Riding family. I love spending time with the fam. Then on Sunday morning my cousin Ethan gave his talk in church before leaving on his mission aka missionary farewell. It was fun to see a lot of the Jones side of the family. My sisters came home just for sunday to see ethan talk in church. Afterwards they were going through closets looking for halloween costumes and other dress up stuff for EAC's spirit week this week. We got a little crazy as sisters do and it was just tons of fun. We hadn't really done anything like that for a while and it was so much fun to be super goofy! I got to see all of my babies this week and just spent part of the night holding Treyson (my adorable new nephew) and playing with his older sister Cali who I love so much. Abby is turning one soon which is crazy from what she was a year ago. You sometimes forget how small she was because she is not small anymore! Well it's bedtime and I will post florida stuff as soon as I can! No promises.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I heart my ghetto kids!

Let me start of with a CAUTION! This post will contain some language, if I were to edit the language it would take away from the story, and in all honesty it is not offensive in the context of my story.

This week there was the quarterly district testing know as the AzAC, I forgot what exactly it stands for, but anyways on wednesday all the teachers got together to grade the writing portion of the test. As we were sitting in the cafeteria grading, one of the teachers started freaking out about what she was reading. I became very curious as to what she was "Oh My Gosh"ing. She let us read it, and the paper went a little something like this, and I forgot what the prompt was for the paper.

The teacher told us she had a shit for us to work on. We worked hard on our shit. The substitute told us that our teacher had some shit for us to work on.

I was like wow, this student must not like going to school, but then another teacher read the paper and she thinks the student was meaning to say sheet. Yay for my ghetto English Language Learners, who knew that i could make the same sound as ee?

Ok no more issues, just more funny stories!

That was exhibit a, now here is exhibit b. On my lovely id i get to wear, and I have a different picture on each id for my two schools. One of my students said "Miss Jones, you used to be really tan" How I wish I were still that tan.

My final story of the evening and it is my favorite so far. So we are about to start week 9 and at the school I am at 2 days out of the 6 day cycle I still don't have my room. It is full of textbooks from a barcoding activity that was supposed to be completed in July. So I have been teaching in the art room and trying to come up with fun things to do with the kids in the art room until I get my room, which is a really nice big room that I would love to utilize! Anyways last week the 8th graders were being punks like 8th graders like to do (let me tell you jr high general music is interesting because they have to be there, it isn't an elective like I'm used to) I told them that I was upset I didn't have my room yet and I could tell that they really weren't liking what we were doing. I am trying my hardest, but I am about out of ideas what to do with them. So anyways later on that day after I sent my principal my lesson plans for next week, she sent me an email saying that she wanted to see me sometime that afternoon. I was little scared thinking I had to fix my lesson plans or something. When I went to go talk to her it was about what had happened earlier in the day. Some of the students went and told her I was unhappy I didn't have my room and she asked me if that were true and I told her yes. There isn't much more I could do, and I asked her if there was anything I could do to get my room. She told me that she had some parents scheduled to come work on the room. We will see what happens when I go back there in the morning, I am still planning on being in the art room because I don't want to get my hopes up!