Friday, August 1, 2008

Quick Trip

I just returned from a fun family vacation to Rocky Point. I will write more later, first I wanted to document my trip to CALI!

As most of you know, and often make fun of me, I love Disney. I had a free ticket that was expiring on aug 1 so my cousin Lindsay and I decided to make a quick day trip to Disneyland. The sad thing is that we couldn't go to Disneyland, for my pass I had a blackout day, but we could get into California Adventure, so we spent the morning playing there.

Our first ride of the day was the brand new Toy Story Mania, it is now one of my favorites. It is an interactive 3-D game that you go and shoot at targets in five different games. I wanted to ride it again, but didn't want to wait in line because it was a forever long line since it just opened. We strategized and got in line for that first, and only waited about 45 minutes. The use of technology on this ride was amazing, I can't wait to ride it again, especially since I lost to Lindsy.

We rode the fun rides that we wanted to and then just walked around taking fun random pics with characters and just loving being at disney. We then found where the cast store is where I can get amazing discounts on merchandise. We had a fun little shopping spree. Oh how I love the perks of working for the mouse! We then made our trek home, it was a fun quick and much needed getaway!

I don't think I can ever be too old to take pictures with characters!

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