Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I can Spell! (sort of)

A few weeks ago we went down to Thatcher to see my lovely sisters perform in the "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee"  It was a fun yet interesting show.  It's not your traditional broadway musical.  It was kind of weird.  The best part was I was called up to be on stage with them.  They call up 6 guest spellers to be a part of the spelling bee.  I got to sit by Marilee the whole first half of the show and it was great fun.  The other 5 spellers they called up were really odd and extremely annoying.  One of the guys sat there and was acting like he only spoke Spanish.  You could tell that Tiff ( who was one of the moderators) was getting annoyed by him, luckily the comfort counselor spoke Spanish so he started talking to the guy.  It was hilarious, and if you knew the comfort counselor, his character would alone make you laugh.  My first word to spell was cow, so luckily I made it through the 1st round!  I was the last guest speller to get out at the end of the first half, and ended up getting serenaded to by the cast.  I later found out that Tiffany had full control in keeping me that long.  They wanted to get rid of the others first since they were so annoying.  I had a blast being on stage.  Its been a longtime since I've been in a show and it felt so good to be on stage again. 

Rona Lisa Peretti, Me, Logainne Schwartsandgrubbiner

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