Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another wedding

On January 1st my little sister Marilee got engaged to Mikell Decker. They are a super cute couple and met in choir down at Eastern Arizona College. They are getting married May 19. It will be nice to have time to plan this wedding unlike my dear sister Tiffany.

The proposal was kind of fun. Marilee had no clue it was coming, it was awesome. Mikell is from Winslow and spent a few days during the break down in the valley, and Mar spent a few days up there with him. Her and her friend Devon had fun getting to know his family. Mikell took them to the "corner" and the girls really enjoyed it. So her friend Devon clued me in as to what was going down because she was working with Mikell to get things done. He wanted to propose at the Temple at sunrise. So New Years morning I woke up at about 6:45 am for Devon to take Mikell and I down to the temple. Mikell found the perfect spot to propose where they could watch the sunrise after popping the question. I went as the photographer. I hid behind some trees and got some fun pics. Devon went back to the house to get Mar and woke her up telling some sob story about needing to go help her sister down at the temple. I knew that Mar wouldn't want to get out of bed that early and warned Devon of the struggle it would be to get her up. They finally made they way back to the temple and Mikell found Mar and then said some gushy stuff and popped the question. Mar was kind of upset because she was in pjs and he was dressed up in a suit and she hadn't brushed her teeth or put a bra on. It was really funny to hear her reaction about the whole thing.

The happy couple will be getting married May 19 and then we will have the reception on the 20 since we do everything and we need the time to not go crazy! Hopefully my day will come sometime soon, I know it will. Just have to keep being patient and help my mother keep her sanity planning my little sister's weddings.

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