Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust!

The past week has been very crazy. My dear cousin Emilie and I took a cake decorating class back in September, and we got hooked on cake decorating and do it a little when we get the chance. When her sister Valerie got engaged we thought it would be fun to make her wedding cake. Due to the fact that she was marrying a Canadian and other things, the date kept changing, so that gave us plenty of time to prepare. Emilie actually got married before her, and that is another story all in itself. The week of the wedding finally came and Emilie and I were preparing to make the cake, and got all the cakes baked. We started putting the cake together Thursday night, and started questioning why we volunteered to make the cake. We then resumed again Friday afternoon and did as much as we could before the wedding dinner, and boy was that fun. There was an accident down the road and apparently the car hit a power pole, which caused the power to go out at the church. Luckily people were running late, which happens frequently with our family, and so the dinner didn't actually start until after the power came back on. When that was over I headed back to Emilie's house to work on the cake some more. By this time we had already stacked the bottom two layers and were smoothing everything out. Emilie had been working on the top layer and it wasn't working, the filling was oozing and it was very frustrating. Nothing started looking right so we decided to go to bed and finish it in the morning. That was such a good choice to make, because then I went down to the church to see what still needed to be done decorating wise, and my mom was waiting for me to help with the backdrop. I then made her go home to finish the flowers, while I finished the backdrops. They turned out nicely and I was excited. In the morning it was time to finish the cake. I wasn't sure how it was going to go, but I was hoping for the best. We started working again on it and things started getting better. When we started adding the finishing touches it started coming together and we got really excited. We finished it right before Emilie had to leave for the wedding. After the wedding we got my mom's van to drive it to the church, and boy was that a long, slow and scary drive. We made it there in one piece and joyously placed the cake on the table. It looked so good and we were ecstatic. The flowers that my mom added made it look even better. All night long we would tell everyone about our amazing cake. The best part is that the bride was happy, and so were we. Who knows when our next wedding will be, probably not until October when Emilie's brother gets married, but it will probably go better now that we know what we are doing! Thank goodness Emilie's husband Irving knows what he is doing because his mom decorates cakes too. We would have been lost without him. The reception was gorgeous, and the vintage theme was so much fun. The background music was so fun, and reminded me of my favorite restaurant Streamers. I was never in doubt of the whole vintage wedding theme, but it turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined.

The cake before my mom added flowers to it to spruce it up

the final product, isn't she beautiful!

The ecstatic cake decorators with their finished product

The happy couple had to come and join in the celebration


raquelita said...

How exciting that you have a blog! Now we can be blogging buddies. Has your mom told you that we are Family Fun Van Buddies? Congrats on winning a new car that is so amazing!!! We will have to keep in touch now. Later! Rach

Allison said...

Well done, Wendi, well done. You and Emilie made one heck of a wedding cake. My compliments to the decorators!