Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Magic of Music

My sister has told me I need to update my blog so here I go.

First off something really random in honor of International Talk Like Pirate Day, Sept 19. As I was driving home from work or school whatever you want to call it since I am paying to be there, anyways This guy on a motorcycle squeezes between me and another car and passes me as I drive down Stapley just by the Mervyns on Main St. We then get stopped by the light and I am now behind this guy and I notice something kind of odd, one of his arms seemed smaller than the other, and only saw like one hand. I then noticed that his left arm was fake and he had a hook at the end. He then grabbed his fake arm and took it off the handle bar to give it a rest while we waited at the light, and then he put it back up, the light changed and he drove off with his long brown hair blowing in the wind. I was laughing so hard inside, that was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. Arrrrg ye mateys!

Now for the title of my blog. Yesterday in the advanced women's class we had one of those days where it better confirms why I do what I do. They are singing a song called "Think on Me" It has an amazing message of whenever life is going good think on me, when it is bad and nothing going right, think on me. Connie, my mentor teacher started discussing the topic and opened up to hear what the girls thought and what it meant to them. Some of the girls got really spiritual and then we all got emotional. There was such an amazing spirit in the room. To make it even more special, one of the girls in the choir was diagnosed with krohn's disease and spent the first 5 weeks of the school year in the hospital getting everything figured out. She came up and had a moment with Connie and told her that she would not have made it through what she had just gone through with out Heavenly Father. It was so amazing. After school Connie and I discussed what had gone on and how wonderful it was and her philosophy of teaching. I love what I do. Jr High Choir is so fun. you may think I am crazy, but the kids are amazing. They are at such an impressionable stage in life, and I can help make a difference in what they do. Music is so magical, what it can do is amazing.

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3in3mom said...

That is so funny (the pirate man) lol.

You are right about middle school kids--so impressionable, and I'm delighted to know you are teaching them--you'll do great!