Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Moment of Silence

I found out this week that "Legally Blonde The Musical" is closing on Broadway. I am so sad, some of the songs are so cheesy and dumb, but others are amazing and kind of inspiring.

I feel bad for some of the stars that just started, especially Bailey since she just joined after winning the TV show, and now it is ending. Let's have a moment of Silence for Elle, but I guess we will just have to "Take it Like a Man."

My little sister recently turned 18, and I had to come up with an amazing idea to top last years cake since I made her an Elphaba cake since she is so obsessed with Wicked since like day 1. Since she is such a Broadway freak, and turning 18 I came up with an awesome Idea to make it a "Legally Brunette" cake. It turned out amazing and she loved it. She is such the baby of the family because I spoil her with amazing gifts, like her cakes and amazing Mary Poppins poster.

Now I am just going to school everyday. The concert last week was amazing, and the kids were so fun to see. The little 7th graders were so scared because it was their first ever concert. It was great. Today they had performance evaluations due and I started grading them, some of them have written great stuff. I hope to now survive the next two days, since my mentor teacher will be gone with her son's wedding festivities. I am excited to fly solo, it will be a great test, and the sub just gets to sit and babysit me since I don't have a dumb expensive piece of paper yet! Life is grand and I am so excited for conference this weekend, it is going to be amazing if it was anything like the women's broadcast the past weekend.

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Marilee said...

you so do not spoil me!! But i still love you!!