Sunday, January 18, 2009

1st AMAZING Week!

Life in Orlando is tons of fun. My new job is a blast. There are 9 other interns on my team and they are great. We get along quite well and are so excited for all of our fun adventures this semester. Our manager is a great guy and super nice and easy to get along with. We have met so many people the past couple of days and are kind of sick of introducing ourselves to all the different departments that we will be working with, and are ready to start introducing each other! I have a little cubicle that I work in, and I have a disney email account. It is great fun. We are also on the same floor as fairytale weddings, so I get to see fun stuff as i walk around the office.

The festivals that we will be running will get intense, but now it is very easy and not too much to do as we get ready for them. Part of our training this week has been tons of fun and I can't believe I am getting paid for it. yesterday we went around to the different venues at the different parks that our groups will be performing at for the festivals. We got to watch some of the College Cheerleading and Dance championships that were taking place at Disney Hollywood studios and Wide World of Sports. I have always wanted to see them, and I finally got to. They were so good. Also when we stopped to look at something at the Magic Kingdom we had to ride big thunder mountain railroad while we were there! I am so excited for all the things I get to do. When I first did my college program I was at a resort the whole time, and now I get to work at Epcot, Studios and a little Magic Kingdom

Kent State Cheer

US Naval Academy, since when did they have cheerleaders?

On a side note, I think hell has frozen over or something because the Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl. How did that happen? I'm not sure, but super excited about it. There is one thing that makes me way excited for it, so now please allow me to step onto my soap box for a moment. There is a guy who plays for the Cardinals that I went to Jr High and High school with, and is now going to the Super Bowl. So for all of you who have bashed Mesa Jr, take that! How many of you went to JR High with someone playing in the Super Bowl? That is my little soap box and now I will step down.

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Valerie said...

Oh, Wendi. Does he even remember your name (because he remembered mine)? You're too funny.

Sounds like you're having fun.