Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rollercoaster week!

This week I have had a rollercoaster of emotions! On monday it was a more relaxed day at work, since it was MLK day, so we got to wear jeans, and in the afternoon we went on another field trip! We saw some more venues and ended up at Animal Kingdom because one weekend the awards ceremony will be at Theater in the Wild where "Finding Nemo the Musical" is, and so we just had to watch the show to familiarize ourselves with the stage, oh and since we got there a bit before the show started we used our time wisely and rode expedition everest while we were waiting! How I love my job, it is the greatest!

Then on Tuesday was my cousin Valerie's birthday. A fun thing about that day is that her baby James decided to be born that day also. To add to it, he looks just like her so he is definitely a momma's boy! (I have pictures later of him from another special surprise!)

On thursday morning, my dear sweet Grandpa Riding passed away. It is so strange the range of emotions I have gone through this week. I am sad that he is gone, but happy for him. He fell and broke his leg in november and just hasn't been able to recover from it. It has been really sad to see him get worse, he wasn't my grandpa that I grew up with. I know that he is so much better off now. He lived a wonderful life and leaves behind an amazing legacy and posterity! I can only imagine the wonderful reunion that took place when he was able to see his parents who were both killed when he was really young. Each time I talk about this I start crying because I know it's true. He is having a wonderful time with them, and other family including my brother! We will truly miss him but are truly excited for what he gets to experience now. So Tiffany and I are headed home thursday afternoon for the funeral. One thing that I am looking forward to doing while I'm home is to hold my niece abby. She wasn't quite big enough when we left, but she is now! Don't worry I have already bought her more presents to bring her!

To top off my week, saturday was my golden birthday! It was great. At work on friday my co workers decorated my desk space and got a cake for lunch. I didn't get a picture of the cake because I didn't take my camera to lunch since I had no clue they were doing that. It was a fun surprise! The friday night me, tiff and her roommate Tianna went to watch Wishes (Magic Kingdom foreworks). We ended up watching them from the beach at the Polynesian Resort. It was fun to see the fireworks from across the lake. It is a great romantic spot to watch them, they have hammocks and beach chairs. We will definitely go again. Yesterday I went and played in the parks a little. It was fun to finally have a birthday button! For dinner Tiffany and I splurged and went to Princess Dining in Norway (in Epcot). When you first walk in you take your picture with a princess and ours was Belle. Then we ate lots of good food, and the princesses come around to your table. Great fun! Then there was dessert and they brought me a cupcake and a card signed by a bunch or princesses. When we were done we ran outside to see the last few minutes of illuminations. My birthday was great fun!

Baby James Gemmill wishing me a happy birthday. The goofy I gave his mother while she was on her mission to Canada, and that is where they live.

the delicious cupcake at dinner, complete with Mickey sprinkles!

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