Monday, September 28, 2009


This past week was pretty fun and very busy. Legally Blonde was hilarious, there were some parts and innuendos that aren't necessarily needed but some think they are! It is always fun to go to the theater. I love people watching and going to the theater is a great place to do such things. The population of Arizona is rather quite diverse state, and when you go to such places you witness that. There was a lady sitting on our row who reminded me of Edna Mode from the Incredibles, except her glasses frames her square not round and she had white hair, but everything else was about the same. Unfortunately I didn't get to hear her talk. I laughed to myself a little.

I "officially" graduated friday night and that was fun. Walking kind of helped close that chapter of my life. I am done with school for now and probably a long time. I got to meet the president of my school who I had really never heard of and I haven't taken any classes there for a year now since I was student teaching a year ago and then we sang the Alma Mater. The ceremony was nice, there were about 120 getting their Bachelors and about 100 Masters so it wasn't too horribly long and it was at a really nice Baptist church in Phoenix. The bad thing is I sat next to a guy that was a little bigger and a smoker, so I was starting to die towards the end. We then went to Culvers to get some custard. Abigail had ice cream for the first time and it was so cute. She was unsure of it at first but then she wanted more.

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