Thursday, October 29, 2009

Being Loved

Sometimes I really like my other school, and today was one of those days. There is a teacher who teaches 5th grade, and she is like my favorite her class is one of the most well behaved and well mannered classes anywhere. I enjoy working with them, I feel most of the time that I have them right in the palm of my hand eating every word I give them. It is an awesome feeling. Today I was teaching them a fun line dance I learned to Thriller, yes Thriller. I thought it would be a great treat because the kids are all obsessed with Michael Jackson. All of the classes enjoyed the dance. While I was eating lunch this one teacher was talking to me and she told me how she had told her class how lucky they were to have me, because I guess the other guy wasn't very good (maybe thats why he was a sub and he didn't last the whole year). She told me that she can tell I am a very good teacher. I hope I can live up to that, but it makes me feel happy and appreciated when teachers tell me such things. I enjoyed finally having my own room at my other school. Yes it finally happened, well I have half of my room, they just condensed the huge book mess to half the room, because it is a rather large room. The first day was kind of interesting because there were no chairs, so I had to improvise because the 7th and 8th graders would have had a fit if they had to sit on the ground. I was pulling out piano benches from the digital pianos, random stools and then some of risers. I felt at that moment that I truly was in the ghetto working with highly underprivileged students. So yeah it is good to feel needed, gives you the boost to make it through the day before Halloween!

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Derek and Emily said...

i make my 7th and 8th eighth graders sit on the floor (we don't have chairs either). They complain everyday.
I need to use that thriller dance from you for next year. I did a ghost busters line dance with my 5th graders!