Monday, October 26, 2009

Mi Familia

I love my family, they are absolutely amazing! I will post more of my trip after I finish getting all of the pictures, oh how I also love digital cameras. So this past weekend was a ton of fun. We started off saturday morning with a breakfast with the Riding family. I love spending time with the fam. Then on Sunday morning my cousin Ethan gave his talk in church before leaving on his mission aka missionary farewell. It was fun to see a lot of the Jones side of the family. My sisters came home just for sunday to see ethan talk in church. Afterwards they were going through closets looking for halloween costumes and other dress up stuff for EAC's spirit week this week. We got a little crazy as sisters do and it was just tons of fun. We hadn't really done anything like that for a while and it was so much fun to be super goofy! I got to see all of my babies this week and just spent part of the night holding Treyson (my adorable new nephew) and playing with his older sister Cali who I love so much. Abby is turning one soon which is crazy from what she was a year ago. You sometimes forget how small she was because she is not small anymore! Well it's bedtime and I will post florida stuff as soon as I can! No promises.

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