Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grandma's Wedding

Since Grandma's Wedding was almost a month ago I figured I should finally put some pictures up.  I don't have too many, that wasn't my job for the day. 
Tex is so in love with my Grandma right now, its so cute.  The bishop who married them had to tell Tex it wasn't time to kiss her yet, he had to wait!  Tex also wrote a poem for Grandma that he read during the wedding, super cute.
Here's the beautiful cake I made for the wedding.  I think it turned out quite nicely.
Here's some of the gorgeous flowers my mother made for the wedding.  Watching everyone in the family get ready for this wondrous occasion was hilarious.  My dear Aunt Becky finally had a wedding to help plan, since she has 4 daughters and guys are lame and they are all still single.  The day turned out wonderfully, except for the part when we were introducing all the families to kind of get to know everyone, his son that lives here, they go to Mt View.  It was funny to hear all of us gasp as they said that, since we are a Mesa High family!  I guess we can forgive them for that, it's just funny how things like that are a non serious issue, even though its not a serious matter, it just makes for fun conversation.

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