Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spiritual High

Lately I've been getting lots of spiritual highs.  I go to an amazing institute class each Thursday.  The class I picked this semester is "Great Woman of the Scriptures" taught by a really good instructor who I go way back with, way back that he was my Tee-Ball coach.  It is hard to call him Bro. so and so.  Each week I leave having learned so much.  Institute can be hard at times because you sit there for 90 mins each class and sometimes I don't have the attention span to sit that long after teaching all day.  This class is very insightful and I feel myself not looking at my watch to see if it 8:30 yet so that I can go home, I'm always engaged.  Studying the scriptures is important but sometimes it can be boring and its stuff you've heard before.  This class is taking a different spin and making it a lot more interesting.  I love the spiritual high I am on when I leave each week.

The next spiritual high came from the Relief Society General Broadcast last night.  It was so good and gave each of us women a little "you go girl" moment to lift us and say way to go for being a great woman.  I think President Monson's talk was his best ever, so good, and twice today people quoted from it.  He spoke about many things but mainly to be more charitable and so so judgmental.  There are so many members of the church who are unkind and get complacent and look down on others who don't share the same beliefs as them.  We need to be more understanding and accepting of all.  We don't know everyones story and where they've been.  All we can do is help them along their journey and to become the best that they can become.  People our brought into our lives for a reason and us into theirs for the some reason as well. 

I can't wait for conference this weekend and for the spiritual high I will get from listening to inspired leaders.  I kind of hope they continue on with the theme with being more charitable because I feel its a thing members of the church need hear.  Its hard to do missionary work if investigators come to church and don't feel welcome because they are different. 

I will post pics from grandmas wedding later, I don't have them on my computer yet.  It was great fun, they are so cute together and now its over!

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