Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spring Break

For spring break this year I went with my cousin Emilie, her two daughters and friend Kelle to Oceanside California. We had a blast. I also got a little taste of motherhood, because Annie, the youngest was about 6 months old and so I would sometimes wake up when she would in the middle of the night.

Here are some of the pictures I took, and my attempt of being an artsy photographer. I love the beach and just sitting there listening to the water, so relaxing.

Brisa is a hilarious two year old. Here she is playing with my sunglasses. We became good friends on this trip, and sometimes she still likes to play with me.

We took a stroll down the beach one morning and saw all sorts of things. We had to pose in front of the beach, its kind of obligatory. There were tons of moms out taking their kids for a job by the beach in their jogging stroller. I decided that maybe I should move to the beach and start my own mom and me jogging group. We also saw some very attractive military guys out for jogs. I wouldn't mind taking one of them home with me!

We drove up the coast to see the sights, and it was so beautiful. Too bad I don't have a million dollars to buy a gorgeous house on the beach, that would be living the high life.

We wanted to find some more beaches to explore, so someone recommended the childrens beach to us. We were kind of confused as to why it was just for children, I'm sure adults would like it too! Well when we got there we find out why it was the childrens beach. Each year that beach is where sea lions return to have their babies, and a treat for us, it was baby season. The beach was roped off a little so that we couldn't go and disturb the bonding time with the little ones. It was really neat to see. Kelle and I made up our interpretation of the conversations some of the baby sea lions were having with their parents as they were just sitting on the beach soaking up the sun.

I really enjoyed our time in Oceanside. Each Thursday they have a farmers market in the morning and a Sunset Market at night. It is a really cool atmosphere. We didn't make it to the farmers market since we were sight seeing, but the sunset market was fun. They had a stage for local bands to perform and tons of vendors. We couldn't stay too long because the little girls were getting tires. I can't wait to go to California again, visit the market again and go to the San Diego temple. I have wanted to go there for so long, and now that I can I really need to go. Hopefully at the end of summer I can find a time to go.

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