Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Wedding!

At the beginning of the year the Riding family was planning a trip to Disneyland. It soon panned out that my friend Tiauna would be getting married the same week of the trip. After I bought my plane ticket to Utah from California, I decided to go on a cruise, so a 3 day trip turned into a 15 day trip! It was so much fun! Not to mention I had been offered a teaching position three weeks before I left on my trip, that I would be starting as soon as I came home. Tiauna was my sister Tiffany’s roommate the last time we were in Florida. She became an adopted sister.
It was very fun to have the opportunity to attend a sealing in the Logan Temple. I love being able to attend sealings.

I have always wanted to go to the Salt Lake Temple, and finally had the opportunity to do a session there.  I told Tiff that she would have to take me to Salt Lake while I was there so that we could.  It was such a neat experience and I'm glad I could share that with my sister.

On the way home she took me to see the Up house. A contractor up there made a replica of the house from the movie.  It was so much fun to see all the detail that they put into the house. 

Then sadly the 15 day adventure was over and I had to return to real life.  Boy was it a hard adjustment going from partying to a brand new full time job.  I'm loving my new job, my students are amazing.

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