Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From the Mouth of Babes

My life is crazy. Every time I go to write a new post I want to start off by saying what a crazy week it was, because they all have been. This week just added to the craziness of it all! Thursday Mom, Dad, Kim and I went down to Thatcher to watch Marilee in Fall Sing. It was great fun, my sister is amazing (watch out broadway!)but i hate the quick trips down there, we got home at 12:15 am yuck!

But that is when we had to go because friday night was Mesa High's homecoming and my parents were asked to be the alumni guests, and my niece was the adorable little girl that got to carry the crown to the new homecoming queen. Then my mom had 2 weddings that weekend and not to mention homecoming flowers.
here is my cousin Ashley struttin her stuff at homecoming.

My niece Cali is so adorable, and her cousin Kaylee came to the football game with her to play. My parents and Cali headed over to where they needed to be for half time and I was left sitting by my sister in law Chelsey's family. Little Kaylee then asked me if I was a kid or a grown up, I told her I was a grown up, and that I was the same age as Aunt Chelsey. She then asked if I was a mom. I told her no, and that wasn't enough of an answer for her, so she asked why not? I really didn't know what to say and so then Anita, chelsey's mom throws in that I hadn't found a dad yet. Kaylee then wanted to know why. I just haven't found one yet. She then pointed to some boy sitting in the stands, and said there is a boy. I told her that I have to find one I like, not just any boy. I wish it were that easy to find a "dad" it would make my life so much easier!

Cali and I hanging out at the ball game

That is story 1 about out of the mouth of babes, the other happened the next day, my sister's friend came over to have my mom do something and brought her kids. The older one saw the skitters in the hallway and was very curious as to what they are and how they work, so I took it outside to show him. If you don't know what a skitter is, they are the funnest toy for "bigger" kids and little kids, google it, they are so much fun. So my dad had just planted our winter grass and you know what that means, fertilizer! As we were driving by he said, "it stinks like cow poop" I replied, yes it does. A little later he wanted to know who pooped on the grass, how did it get there? It was so funny. Kids say the darnedest things!

Only two weeks till I fly out to Florida! I am so excited and ready for a vacation, especially a Disney at Christmas time one!


Marilee said...

Im so happy you guys were able to come watch!! Love you guys!!

Valerie said...

On my mission people would ask me about my plans after going home, and somehow it was always brought up by someone that I would have to go home and find Mr. Right. Being the anti-dating person that I was, my response was always, "I'm not going to find Mr. Right...he's going to have to find ME."

So good luck finding a dad for your kids. That's hilarious.