Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jr High Boys Ahhhhh!

Yesterday was a long day at school. On thursday my mentor teacher's son married the dance teacher at the school so they were both gone, and also today again. The day started off ok, I got stuck with a weird old sub lady that was kind of interesting. In the middle of 5th hour the power went out. You might have thought the world was coming to an end at the way they were acting. 5th hour is the men's choir, so I was stuck with 15 pubescent males. What a joy! They were already starting to have behavior problems, but when that happened any hopes of regaining any sense of order in the classroom had ceased. All of the sudden they all had to go to the bathroom, and they couldn't see, so that was an excuse for them to take out their cell phones. About a half hour later the lights came back on, and then a minute later they went back out. Then the bell rang for 5th hour and they all left. shortly after the assistant principal got on the p.a. and told everyone to stay in their 5th hour class. They all came back, and some not too willingly. It was like I ways keeping them hostage or something. The power came back on for good, but they still had to stay with me. 10 minutes before school was over they announced that everyone could just go home. They were so excited and so was I. I was stuck with them for 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was crazy, and they were even crazier when they were released. It was so loud outside, I didn't even want to see what was going on, I could pretty much hear it all it was so loud. Luckily there are only 2 1/2 days of school this week. Yay! Now time for some spiritual enlightenment with conference this weekend!

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