Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spring is in the Air

The past two weeks have been fun and crazy. I had a great time going home for my Grandpa Riding's funeral. I did a lot of laughing and crying that weekend. We had an older cousin sleep over at the Thacker's. Since it had been a long day, we did not last long. We started watching "Return to Me" and I can't tell you when I fell asleep, but I do remember some parts of it. I think Lindsay was the only one who finished the whole thing. Each of us had puffy eyes from crying all day! We can however blame the falling asleep during movies to grandpa, well my mom always blames it on him, so I'm pretty sure it's a true fact! I didn't take any pictures with my camera that weekend, but there are plenty taken by everyone in my family. It was a beautiful weekend. I love that my family is very close and we seem tough most of the time, but we also have our tender side. I think that everyone got a little teary eyed sometime during the funeral. That just shows you how much we love and will miss our dear grandpa! The greatest thing about the weekend was getting the chance to hold my baby Abby for the first time. It was so fun and I can't wait till i get home and she is older to play with her more. I also spent quality time with Cali, we sat and cuddled and watched tv for awhile, oh how I needed some time with my nieces! We went to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday and it was delicious! G&G Jones and Juleen also came along because it was Juleens birthday. I got her a great gift and I will post more of that later because there are some awesome pictures that go along with it!

Flying back to orlando was great fun. We had a 6am flight which was not fun, but the fact that it was super bowl sunday and the super bowl was in Tampa, so there were tons of Cards fans on our flight! We didn't watch all of the super bowl because we opted to go to break the fast and eat some good food. Sadly we missed the half time show. I had the opportunity to have helped with the half time show because my awesome manager has a side job working with casting for the half time show. I was sad I missed out on that chance and experience that now the rest of my team has, but going home was a lot more important. My manager did bring me back a hat so that is cool.

I have had the chance to have the new cast member training at Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios) and EPCOT. They weren't as exciting as I thought they would be. I think part of the reason behind that is that the trainers taking us on the tours treated us like we were 5. At the studios tour, the 2 ladies taking us around were weird and I have worked for Disney longer then they have! They didn't really like us, it was funny, maybe because we kind of know more than they do and it was a group of 10 of us that have worked together for 3 weeks and then a bunch of newbies. The guys at Epcot were a little better, they even let us ride a ride. There was an old guy who could barely hear and was confused at what our job was, he didn't understand what we were telling him. We did get to ride one of the friendship boats around the lagoon to tour all the countries instead of walking the whole world showcase. It would have been fun, but it would have gone on forever!

Work has been fun, we are starting to get into the heart of festival season, so we actually get to start doing our own stuff and not random "I need an intern to do this for me job!" I am starting to not like those jobs, especially ones that involve phone calls. Most of you know how I HATE making certain types of phone calls. One of my jobs was to call random schools and getting info about their step teams for Disney's Step Classic. I did not like it at all, it was kind of like pulling teeth. Needless to say I didn't make too many. I did not have a problem however making confirmation calls to the directors. That wasn't bad because they are coming to the festival and I was going over stuff with them. Some of the directors are cool, and some crazy. It is just the whole band teacher stereotype! Makes me laugh all the time!

On tuesday night I went with Tiffany, Tiauna (tiff's roommate) and our friend Erin to see "New in Town" it is a hilarious movie. We laughed pretty much the whole time. Go see it so that you can laugh. I will probably buy it when it comes out and laugh some more! When we were leaving the theater at Downtown Disney, we were treated to a great surprise, the Weinermobile! We just had to stop and take pictures! Then saturday night we headed over to the studios to watch the National High School Cheerleading finals. It was great fun. We had a blast watching all the different teams, laughing at the intense parents, especially the ones with the photo buttons (I always get a kick out of those ones!), and the parents were loving it because they could drink (and I don't mean soda!) while watching their daughters cheer, now how could it get better than that?! Tiff, Tiauna and I are working on our routine, stay tuned for more info on that one. Go P.C. foxes!

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