Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jazz Baby Jazz

We had our first event this week and it was so much fun! Because I would be working Saturday for the festival I got to take Tuesday off, and that was nice. Tiff and I had the day off together so we went to blizzard beach for the afternoon because we get in free till the end of February. There are some really fun slides to go on, and some scary ones. Tiff did the really tall scary one that I wouldn’t. They have a radar gun showing how fast the people are going down the slide. The person that went before tiff was clocked going 67 mph. The gun for some reason didn’t get her so I don’t know how fast she went down. People ranged from 50-70 mph. The only bad part about the slides is that you had to climb up the mountain to go down any, and boy some of those steps were really steep.

Thursday was the first day of the Jazz Celebration. I was scheduled to work in the office so I got to run around making sure all sorts of last minute things were good to go. They had an opening night kick off with a performance by Arturo Sandoval and his band. He is really talented and he is hilarious, there were times he would just sit there and ramble on about things that just made us all laugh. Friday I hosted two groups. One was a middle school from Orlando and then a high school from New Jersey. It was fun and I got to be the time Nazi and make sure that they were on schedule so that everything went on time. The clinicians didn’t like it when I told them time was up because they were having fun working with the students.

Saturday was like the best because I was at Epcot in the huge World Showplace temporary permanent tent (Disney does funny stuff like that; this tent has been there since 98) helping with the master classes. I got paid to sit in on a vocal jazz master class with big names in jazz. I wish it could have been longer, it was not long enough, but I learned some good stuff. The guy that they brought in for percussion was so good, and fun to listen to, he seems really nice and was talking about how his son was doing solo and ensemble this weekend. I love it when people are down to earth and love to talk about their family. When I was done helping with the master classes I got to go to the studios and get a minivan to go pick up some of the guest artists for the Awards ceremony.

Then my day of work was over and so I went and got something to eat with others from work and we decided we wanted to watch the American Idol Experience before the awards ceremony started. The girl that won was 14 and has some mad chops. She might be on the actual show in a few years. We then ran over to see the awards ceremony, which was fun because they had the 3 top groups perform. The vocal group was so good, as were the instrumental, but I am more into the vocal. Then they had the “all star” big name people perform. It was pretty sweet and then the evening ended with Mickey. How could there be an awards ceremony at Disney without the big guy himself? Now we have a week to recoup and get ready for the Disney Honors, which I am so excited for because Craig Jessop is coming and working with the choral groups. I hope I get to work with him and sit in on some of the stuff that he’ll do. So we’ll see what adventures will come up this week! One exciting thing that happened this week is my niece Cali talked my brother and sister-in-law to come visit aunt Wendi and aunt Tiffany. I can’t wait to play with her in the parks!

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