Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring is Broken?

We had a fantastic and crazy busy week! Marilee came on Sunday and we played the whole time till she left on Thursday morning. I sadly had to work on Monday so it was just her and tiff until I got off. Luckily I was working backstage at the Studios getting awards ready for the weekend, so when I was done I just walked “onstage” and joined them in the park. We went and watched the American Idol experience which is so fun to watch, I could go see it a couple times a day because it is always different. To end the night we watched Fantasmic. It is one of my favorite shows and it is a must see. They are only showing it 2 nights a week right now so we had to schedule what night we were going to watch it and be able to see the other nightly fireworks.

We got an early start on Tuesday because Tiffany wanted to see the park opening at Magic Kingdom. She gets to see the backside of it when she works in the morning, but never gets to see what it actually is. The show was fun and the best thing was that it wasn’t too busy when we first got there. We did 2 rides in about a half hour. We then left the Magic Kingdom and headed over to the Grand Floridian for a delicious breakfast buffet at 1900 Park Fare. It is a character dining experience and was so much fun! As we were sitting in the waiting area the Mad Hatter came running out of the dining room and sat between these two ladies and started demanding that they get seated right away. It was hilarious. I love doing character dining because the characters come right to your table. We got to see Mary Poppins, which I think was all of our favorite! Then the Mad Hatter, he was crazy funny, and so loud! He was at a table chatting with a guy and he had already set out the tip, Mad Hatter then picked up the cash and started waving it in the air yelling, “Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins, tuppence, tuppence a bag!” He then got in a fight with Tigger when they were by our table. And then we got our picture with Tigger, Pooh and Alice. Alice was also really funny. We were wearing “I’m celebrating” buttons and so she asked what we were celebrating. We told her Spring Break, even though just one of us was having a spring break. Alice then playing her part said “I didn’t know it was spring yet?” and then she said the funniest thing, “I didn’t know spring was broken?!” Brunch was so good! We ate so much, including a breakfast pizza which was so good and something I had never heard of before. We finished off the meal with some soft serve ice cream. We were full the rest of the day! We had a magical day at the Magic Kingdom and finished off the day with a delicious fresh handmade chocolate chip ice cream sandwich while watching Wishes!

Wednesday we started off at Animal Kingdom rode Everest, saw Finding Nemo the Musical and then rode the safari. There is some more to do there, but we didn’t have time, we still needed to hit Epcot and the amazing rides there. We had lunch at the restaurant in Italy. It was so good, it was kind of pricey, but it was somewhat affordable since we used Tiff’s 50% off coupon that we had, and we used mine for breakfast. The meal was worth it, and not just the food. The servers were very attractive and fun to look at! Epcot was a lot of fun, because in addition to the rides they have a new attraction to make the World Showplace more kid friendly, it is the Kim Possible experience where you get a kimmunicator to help her save the world. It is a cool interactive thing that you get clues to solve in a country and help save it. It was so much fun, we saved 4 countries that day! We then ended the night with one more firework spectacular “Illuminations” it is a fun show that I love to watch, the soundtrack is so cool too and makes me happy each time I hear it!

I loved this mission in Germany. The notes spelled out the word. Yay for being a music nerd!

Sadly all the fun had to come to a close and I took Marilee to the airport at 4:30am on Thursday. I got to go back to bed for an hour before getting up for another busy day of work. Work was crazy because the first Festival Disney weekend was upon us and things have been very intense in the office, lots of changes have been happening, thank you budget cuts! My poor manager has been running around like crazy doing more than he is getting paid to do. The festival was so much fun and look forward to the next 7 weekends of them! I got to hear some good and interesting jazz bands on Friday. Saturday I wasn’t hosting any groups, I just got to sit in an office and get scores inputted into the computer and get all of the awards ready for the awards ceremony. We had a huge weekend and kind of crazy for the first weekend of the season. It was kind of a baptism by fire to make sure everything got done! We were a few minutes late getting started but it was fine. We had the ceremony at Lights, Motor, Action at the Studios and it was so much fun, there was a DJ getting the kids all pumped for the night, and we got to dance around a little too. We then gave each ensemble their awards, handed out the special awards, gave the directors their bag of medals and scores and then Mickey comes and says hi. I really enjoyed getting to be down on the stage at LMA, and it was kind of intense too because they were also showing stuff on the jumbotron. We waved goodbye to everyone with our Mickey gloves and it ended sooner than we thought and we all soon crashed! Today has been a nice day of relaxation and it has been wonderful, just enough to get me ready for the next weekend of fun! Luckily this weekend is about half the size of groups as last week.

I also got to watch a shuttle launch tonight. I tried to video and take pictures of it but my battery decided to die, so I didn't get everything I thought I did, oh well. I will try and post them later.

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