Sunday, March 29, 2009


There always seems to be some sort of fun new adventure to experience out here. On Tuesday we went and visited hot tubs at some different resorts. It was fun to see some of the different resorts. The theme of each is so different and so amazing. Coronado Springs is like Mexico and the pool is an ancient temple dig site. It was great fun and then we went to Wilderness Lodge which is themed after the lodges at the national parks like Yellowstone and such. The pool is like a river and they tried to make the hot tubs look like natural hot tubs. It was great fun and we had a blast.

On Thursday I ran some errands getting ready for Andy, Chelsey and Cali to come this week. I am so excited to have them come play! I got Cali and Kaylee some Mickey ears at the discount store and then took them to the Magic Kingdom to put their names on them. It was kind of lame because it cost just as much to put their names on them as it was to buy them. We then went and looked for Tiffany to see if we could stalk her at all. It didn’t see her on Main Street or near the castle so we decided to just leave and stop by Guest Relations to make a dining reservation. As I was making the reservation Tiauna went outside to watch the Pinocchio meet and great area. She soon came back in and said that tiff was the photographer with Pinocchio. So we went and stood in line to have her take our picture with him. Then she had to leave so we got out of line. Then we went to my house and made cookies and watched Twilight. It was a first time for me and it was good. Tiauna was also working on a ransom note for a guy in the ward. It was hilarious and I was rolling on the floor laughing when she told me how the two of them delivered it to his apartment.
This weekend was another fun festival weekend. I had some really good groups this weekend. I had a blast talking with the adjudicators that were here. They are hilarious. The instrumental adjudicators wanted to see Voices of Liberty at EPCOT so we had a break during their last set of the day. We rushed over to there to see them and we walked into the building during their last note. It was kind of sad but a fun adventure. The thing that made me laugh the most is some of them were sitting on their iphones checking their facebook between groups. They were hilarious. Another good thing about them is we bring in catered meals for them. Friday night I got to take home some left over breakfast food. Saturday was the best though. I was sitting in the trailer entering scores into the computer and the server asked us if we wanted some of the leftovers from lunch. I jumped right up, you don’t say no to free food at Disney, especially catered because it is way good. I enjoyed some Caesar salad, angel hair pasta and a DIVINE flourless chocolate cake covered with ganache. It was so good. I should have taken a picture because it definitely looked as good as it tasted. The meals are so exquisitely prepared that the adjudicators were even taking pictures of their food on their phones. Also while sitting on the computer working I heard this crashing sound and thought to myself, “Did something just crash into the truck or something?” I just kept on working because I didn’t hear anything else. A little while later I was talking to my manager and he was talking about the space shuttle landing, and how it has sonic booms when it does. So that is what I heard, the space shuttle landing. I didn’t know that they did that, but if you think about it they are going really fast when they are entering back into the atmosphere. So there is some space shuttle trivia for the day! The awards ceremony was fun again. We get to go out a little before it starts and get everyone pumped up, one of the best parts of the job.

Today was a great day too, because we finally got a new bishop. Our bishop got a new job in California about 2 months ago and left so we have been just going. It will be a good change, I am excited to meet the new bishopric and their wives, and they seem like really cool people. We had break the fast tonight that was our easter dinner. It was so good and there were some way good desserts that Tiauna and I ate too much of. Now it is time to go to bed. I need to get up early in the morning to start working out because I am going on a cruise at the end of May with people from work. So I need to get ready for that and on my days off this week I am going to be playing nonstop. I am so excited, so next week there will probably be tons of pictures!

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