Monday, June 22, 2009

Life in AZ

Life has been really eventful since driving back into town on Tuesday. I did so much the first 24 hours it is crazy! Shortly after pulling into town I went and took my drug test so that I could start teaching swim lessons, and then I finished unloading my car. While unloading I noticed that the tread on one of my tires was really bad so I decided I needed to take my car in to get it serviced and get new tires. So wednesday morning I took my car in and also got a call from my manager to go teach lessons for someone that was sick. Luckily everything on my car was under warranty except for the tires, so we took it to a different place to get tires cheaper. Then and Went to Kim's house to bring her and Abby into town and hang out with them before they had pictures with the Merrill Family. As we were pulling out of Kim's complex she ran over something in my mom's van and it started making this sound that sounded like the tire was flat, luckily it was something just stuck in it, so we had to drive all the way back down southern instead of the freeway because we didn't know what would happen. So we go to the tire shop and to pick up my car and then get my mom's fixed. Abby had fallen asleep so she got to stay in the van and sleep while they patched the tire. I just sat and laughed and Kim was so annoyed. It was great.

I am trying to get back onto west coast time, but my sleeping habits are pretty good right now for when I hopefully find a teaching job because I've been going to bed around 10 and waking up at like 5. So now its time to organize all my crap and try to unpack, but it is kind of tricky because my two little sisters have left their stuff in my room and theirs. I told them they need to pick a room, they can't have 2!

The last week in florida was tons of fun playing with my cousins. Then there was a YSA activity the saturday before we left and that was great fun. I did a little body surfing and it was awesome. About the time we decided to go a huge storm started rolling in. Luckily we left before the rain hit!

Now it's time to keep unpacking, find a job and get ready to go to Utah for a family reunion!

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