Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tugging of the Heartstrings

In a week I will be making the trek back home to AZ. It is a very weird feeling to be moving on from this amazing experience I have had the past 6 months. There is a part of me that wants to stay and a part that is so ready to get home. I could stay until August or September making sales calls for Nite of Joy and Grad Nite, or I can go home, teach swim lessons, vacation with the family and hopefully find a teaching job. I have loved working for Disney and am not ready to give that up completely yet. I am still working on finding something seasonal, but we will see what happens with that.

The past week has been a blast. Monday night for FHE we went to Downtown Disney and we were going to play capture the flag but just ended up playing duck duck goose instead. It was kind of entertaining and I'm surprised security didn't come break it up. Some little kids came and played with us, it was fun. I then went for sushi with some friends from the ward. I tried it and it was ok, I'm not big on seafood but don't think I'll be having it again any time soon. The best part was the fried cheesecake that I got. It was so good, I don't even want to think how many calories it had. I would definitely have it again sometime.

Tuesday after work I played at the Magic Kingdom with my friend Brad from EAC who is now here working for Disney. I told him he came a semester late. Then on Wednesday i went and had some good mexican food with people from work. It made me really happy to eat such good food. I haven't had decent Mexican here for a while and really miss it. That is something I am looking forward to back home! Then I met up with my cousins. I am so glad they are here to play for a week and that Emily is driving back with me. She is so excited to drive accross the country with me. The trip back will probably be more fun than on the way here because Tiff was kind of a party pooper. We also have my dad's GPS that we gave him for his birthday, it's going to be fun.

On Thursday after work I went and joined Sara, Lindsay, Emily and Jill at the Magic Kingdom. It was great fun even though it was pouring rain. When I say pouring, it is nothing like you see back home, I mean POURING. I pretty much was swimming when I got off the monorail and walked through the gate. The security guard saw my cast ID and told me I should know better. I do know better, but I was meeting family. We got to ride some of the fun kiddie rides because the lines weren't too long for them. It was great. After that I left them and went to a friends house to watch the Orlando Magic game. I am cheering for the Magic in this one because I have never been a fan for the Lakers, eventhough on most things I am a west coast girl, I am cheering for the magic, and a guy for the ward works for them, so it is my cool little connection! We had a dance party during half time which was great fun especially since my pants had gotten so stretched out from being wet that they kept falling down. I also had to say goodbye to Alina, she is now back in Utah. This is the worst part about working for Disney, you meet cool people for a few months and then you go back home, and it sucks pretty much.

Me not wanting to make phone calls took off friday and monday to play in the parks with the fam. I need the money but will have more fun playing! I did get a fun job the other day to sort through a list of people that came to Nite of Joy last year. I got to sort them by denominations of Christianity. It was interesting to look on some of the websites and read their Faith statements and everything they believe. They have some of the truth, just not all of it! So friday and saturday was spent playing. I will write more of that later as well as cruise stuff, there is just too much to write and not enough time. AZ here I come!

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