Monday, August 3, 2009

Umm, we're not in Mesa anymore Toto

So today was my first day as a teacher! I got a job teaching k-8 music at 2 elementary schools in phoenix in the murphy school district. It isn't my 1st choice but it is a full time job with benefits! I sat through some super boring meetings this morning that really meant nothing to me, and I swear some people just love to hear themselves talk! So when I was done with those meetings I went to grab a bite to eat at the nearest fast food joint, and boy was that scary! I am working in good ol' downtown phoenix and there are some sketchy peeps around there. There was a sign outside jack in the box that said bathrooms for paying customers only. To get water you had to ask for it, there was no water in the soda fountain and the napkins were behind the counter.

I then went to one of my schools to get my keys and start going through my room seeing what was awaiting me! There are some interesting things in there and some stuff that will be fun to use. There are like 5 guitars, I guess I should learn huh? I then went over to the other school and boy was that an adventure. I had a nice chat with the principal. I think it will be a good year! I was not able to go to my room there because they are taking inventory of all the books and they are all stored inside it. I have so much to go through there. It is kind of weird, there isn't really a curriculum I kind of get to do what I want, but I would like to have the structure of knowing what really needs to be done. So here we go, lets see how it goes!

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