Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boo to you!

Halloween is an interesting holiday, it is kind of a love hate relationship. I'm not always a big fan, but there are somethings I am a big fan. One of them is how creative people get for their costumes. I saw some really interesting things this year. One of my cousins whom I love dearly and we have had a love hate relationship had an awesome costume, he dressed as the artist Bob Ross. He has been growing out his hair for this occasion and fluffed it out quite nicely, he also had a paint palate to complete the ensemble. It was awesome. As we were at his sister's house for the intense cardboard maze her husband does each year,I was talking Bob and his friends as they had just finished the maze. This teenage girl looks over and says, "Hey your the guy from Channel 8 (for those in AZ you know that is our PBS channel)." We all just busted up laughing, it was hilarious. Another girl said something similar later, but the first reaction was the best with the was she said it. He was quite pleased with her reaction.

Bob was not the only one of my family to have a cool costume. I have an aunt who likes to dress up in different ways. For my sisters wedding since it was Cinderella themed she came as the Fairy God Mothers, for my cousin's wedding when she was marrying a guy from Canada back before the election, she dressed as Hillary Clinton. Friday night as we were at my cousins house having a party and people were previewing the maze, my aunt showed up as Obama, she had painted her self black and had a black wig on. As soon as I saw this dark figure walking up I knew it was her. Again I was laughing hysterically. It was pretty much priceless. Highly entertaining as we Jones' like to be!

As I was looking at the paper today I found a costume that I love from one of my favorite movies, UP. This kid had built a replica of the house and blown up like 30 balloons and was carrying the house with a hose. He had scouting stuff on and his dad even decked out in a suit to be Carl. I might have to take that into consideration for next year, pretty awesome, I love it! People can be so creative.

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Valerie said...

He didn't grow it out for Halloween. He was growing it out anyway and decided to use it to his advantage for his Halloween costume. Just FYI.