Friday, January 15, 2010

First Grade Funnies

Today one of the funniest things happened.  For some reason my classroom has a bathroom in it, well really it is pretty much a little closet with a toilet and there is a utility sink right outside.  Well today one of the first graders started doing the potty dance so I let her go to the bathroom.  As soon as she shut the door she started singing.  I was trying to not to laugh but we could all hear her, it was really hard to go on with the lesson, so we kind of just stopped and waited for her to finish because she was quite loud.  She is also kind of short so she had to pull a piano bench up to the sink so that she could wash her hands and so that made more noise!  Good thing we were talking about animals and the sounds they make!

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Rootbeer Floats said...

That's Awesome!! Ahh -- the joys of teaching. There are those moments that make it worth it -- The "lightbulb" moments, the "make you laugh" or "heart melting" moments -- and the list goes on.