Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am now 1/4 of a century old, halfway to 50 woohoo!  Everyone keeps asking me if I feel older, nope.  I think I felt older when I started teaching and everyone started calling me Ms. Jones.  My car insurance will now go down and I can rent a car all by myself and that makes me really happy because it makes going to florida a little bit cheaper!

I had a busy birthday weekend.  There was a huge YSA Conference on Saturday.  It was pretty good and I learned some great stuff on finances, saving for and buying a house, info from a Biggest Loser contestant and the ever so exciting dating panel.  Some things get so redundant and ridiculous to hear at times.  One of the guys said that girls can't complain about not getting asked out if they don't go to any of the activities, but when asked about why girls who don't get asked out yet go to activities don't get asked out he didn't have an answer.  Boys are just dumb and get freaked out when they get asked out on dates.  Ahh the drama just makes me want to be single forever, not!  Then satuday night there was a dance.  It actually was a lot of fun, because we all know that dances can be lame.  People were actually dancing at this one, amazing!  They also had game rooms with rock band and other games so that those who don't like to dance can still hang out with people.

Sunday I got to sit through what seemed 5,00 meetings.  I had one at 11, 12, church at 1:45, rush home for my Birthday dinner at 5, meeting at 6:15, 7, and fireside at 8.  It was a great day, I just wish I didn't have to spend half my birthday in meetings!  I did however have some friends come over for cake after the fireside.  Not too many came because it was kind of late and they thought they needed to go home and get some sleep.  I probably would have done the same but I decided to have fun and take today off work, I have days to use up so why not?  It has been wonderful so far!

I went shopping last weekend with my mom to get  my presents.  I got a nice new pair of pants that were normally $89, and I got them for $27 and a new jacket.  I got some other fun stuff and then the new Michael Buble cd, because I am in love with his new song, listen to it, you will like it too!

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3in3mom said...

yes, Happy birthday to you! Love ya!!!