Monday, February 8, 2010

Tales of a Kind of Only Child

Right now I am the only kid at home, it is really different after there being 5 of us for so long, but over the years that number has gotten smaller as some get married and others go away to school.  Sometimes it is really nice, other times a little awkward and others I can't wait to move out again.  One of the best things right now are the fancy city functions I attend on occasion with my parents.  A few weeks ago we went to a reception thingy before at the art center.  They had some really really good little appetizers and desserts to snack on.  The presentation at these fancy events are always amazing, the servers were serving some of the stuff out of cigar boxes, it was way cool.  We had some chicken flautas with prickly pear, mmm delcious and lots of other good foods that probably aren't very good for me!  Last night I hung out with my parents at a super bowl party that some of their city friends throw each year.  It's kind of a who's who in Mesa, we basically went for networking purposes and to see how rich people watch the game.

Those are some of the fun things, it isn't always like that.  Sometimes they will go to some function without me and leave me with nothing for dinner and they say you'll be ok.  Its not that bad but just funny at times.  Another not so fun thing about there only being 3 of us, family prayer.  I have nothing against praying but you go through the rotation a lot faster when there are only 3!

Something I find really funny is that not too many people in my parents ward know who I am because I go to the singles ward and so when I answer the phone or the door they get confused when I answer and its not my mom.  I felt real old when I went to lunch on the day I took after my birthday and one of the ladies who lives down the street and younger than me and about to have baby #3.  Yeah don't worry, I'm done with school, not married and still living at home!  Another thing that makes me laugh is some of the moms that my mom watches for sometimes aren't comfortable if it is just me at home with their baby.  Hello I am old enough for them to be my child so I think I can take care of them just fine!  Those are all my stories for today.

PS  This is not meant to be a negative post.  I hope I'm not coming across that way but to some it may sound that way.  Life is good right now and I'm not too excited to have my sisters move back home in May!


3in3mom said...


1. you can watch my kids any day
2. you are the best music teacher
3. I know you and am so glad you are my friend and neighbor.
4. my dear friend from HS got married at 26 and has older more children than I do. I had my first at 26.

Life is never the same for any two people! I am glad you are you! And Thanks for sharing a birthday week with me--it was fun you came to lunch!

Wendi J said...

Thanks! I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining, they were just some funny thoughts I had. Life is good and I am fine with where I am for now.

Marilee said...

hey you should be sooooo excited for me tp move back home!!!