Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The End of a Chapter and Beginning of a New One

Most of the fam at the lame graduation

So the end of the school year was really crazy. It has been kind of weird to think about because my youngest sister Marilee was graduating, so it was the last of everything. Graduation was really depressing, not that the baby was graduating, but because of Arizona's bipolar weather, only my parents got to go because it was raining and the graduates only got two tickets. It was so sad because we had been looking forward to this day for so long since Marilee is the baby and 5th and last to graduate from Mesa High, we were all looking forward to sitting on the field, and I know this sounds weird, I wanted to hear the recognition that our whole family had graduated from Mesa High. Life goes on and we don't always see the big picture, but we will survive. Summer is now here, or at least it is trying to come. Memorial weekend we went to the cabin and there was snow. What is up with that?

With the high school chapter of our life over, my parents are trying to figure out what to do next. On monday I went to the Mesa City Council meeting in support of my father as the new Mayor and Council members were sworn in. The crazy thing about the night is that my father was elected by the council to be the new vice mayor of mesa. That is weird. We are still trying to think of what all that is supposed to mean. In the meantime I shall stay busy at work. If you get bored you can come visit me at Taylor pool.

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