Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

The last few weeks have been crazy fun! I had a great time playing with Andy and his family. It was so much fun to see Cali and Chelsey enjoying their first trip to florida. Andy has a nice camera so there are some cool pictures. We were on the Disney dining plan for a few days because there was an amazing cast member special, and we pretty much were eating free food. For $21 a day we got a table service meal, quick service meal and a snack. It was so good and we ate so much food! At the sit down restaurants the meals are about $25 or so a person, and then we got more food for the day.

We managed to hit all the parks, but sadly I wasn’t with them the whole time because I had to work, but such is life. The first day it rained quite a bit so we got the watered down version of the parade. It was fun seeing the parks from a child’s perspective, we met a lot of characters. I waited for them to come to wait in line for Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. They have a fun dance party called “Move it, Shake it, Celebrate!” we had a blast dancing in the streets, definitely a work out!

It was sad to see them go, but it was kind of time. Little kids can only take so much stimulus. The poor girls would be so tired at the end of the night, and be asleep so fast as soon as we stopped. I have spent the last week recovering because we didn't have a festival this week since not too many groups travel easter weekend. It was nice for work because all of us were in the office and we were able to discuss what has gone on and how to tweak things to make things smoother. We also took time to discuss our cruise. I am so excited to go on a cruise and it was a stinking deal. I hope to have fun, but it may get kind of weird because I will be the only one not drinking in the group. It will be fun no matter what!

Easter today was great. I was sad I didn't get to see the Easter Pageant at all this year. I missed not helping being a Pageant Warrior, but I love what I am doing and wouldn't trade it for anything. The parks have been super busy this week. So busy that 3 days this week they have had to close the Magic Kingdom because it reached capacity. DON'T EVER COME TO DISNEY FOR SPRING BREAK AND MAJOR HOLIDAYS, NOT WORTH IT! After church Tiauna and I were sinners and we went to the Magic Kingdom to see the special Easter stuff they had before the parade. We were so surprised to see how empty the park was. It was busy, but not crazy like it has been, there was room to walk and not be trampled! We just watched the pre stuff and then left. Yeah we are weird, we know it.

When we returned we went and joined some friends at a picnic. It was nice to be outside and hang out with them because a lot of them are leaving this week. Dumb BYU and their short semester. Church next week is going to be interesting with them not there! While at Mickey's Retreat for the picnic we went and walked around the lake. I went to sit in a hammock, and this is what happened! Not sure what happened, but it was funny. I just sat there and Tiauna made me stay until she got a picture. Needless to say I had sand all down my back.

(Modeling our Easter dresses for mom)

That is all of my adventures for now, until I get pictures off Tiffany's camera of us eating a Kitchen Sink. I won't give any details, just stay tuned for what's in store, but it is intense!


Rootbeer Floats said...

Looks like lots of Fun!

Valerie said...

I seem to have missed something.... Who is the other little girl?

Wendi J said...

The other girl is Cali's cousin Kaylee. I didn't mention that, and Anita (chelsey's mom came too)