Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hi I am still alive. This past weekend was killer! If you read my previous post you can get a glimpse as to how crazy festival weekends can be. Friday was even crazier than Thursday and I will spare you all the details, but I will say one thing. If you are ever planning a trip, only have one person in charge! We had a group that had a travel planner from the travel company, a travel coordinator from the school and they brought their band, choir and orchestras. I believe they had like 6 groups traveling on 4 busses. I had to tell all the instructions to both ladies. It was so annoying. There were some really good groups, and I had so much fun listening to choirs all day!

Saturday was crazy getting all the scores in and awards ready for the awards ceremony. We couldn’t have the awards ceremony at Hollywood studios like we always do, we were at Epcot so we had to load the truck and head over to Epcot and hope that we have everything. Turns out we didn’t and one girl went back like 3 times. The place where we had the awards ceremony was decorated so cool, it was world showplace where we did stuff for the Jazz Celebration. I left my camera in the car that was left at the place where I picked up the mini van to drive around for the day. We had to have 2 awards ceremonies and it was crazy. I was so tired after the 1st one, I wasn’t sure how we were going to make it through the 2nd. Amazingly we did and then some went to a game night, I went home and crashed! I’m kind of not looking forward to next weekend, total sleep deprivation but it will be worth it. After we finish with awards next Saturday we are going to explore grad nite for a while, and then it is stake conference and we have to go early because it is about a 30 min drive to the stake center and Elder Holland will be there so you know it will be packed! I will also have tons of pictures because we are having a girls night at the Grand Floridian! Well it is my bed my bed time good night.

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Just wanted to remind you to have fun Tuesday at the Grand. I am so excited for you and wish I could be there. I am so jealous. Have fun, work hard and rest well. Love you lots, mom