Monday, April 27, 2009

It’s a Small World. . .

There are many things that I could have made the title for this week, but the events that transpired Sunday afternoon inspired this title. Lots happened this week, so I hope it doesn’t get too long!
Tuesday morning Tiff and I went to Typhoon Lagoon since we get in free till the end of the month. It was fun and it got most of it down in less than 2 hours. The wave pool there is so awesome, the waves are so high. We rode about 5 of them. Then Tuesday night was so much fun! I made reservations for a room at the Grand Floridian, which is a place I have wanted to stay at for a very long time, but it is very expensive it is the nicest resort that Disney has. To help make it reasonable we got a big group of girls and split it so that it was something that we could afford! We had a grand time; sat in the hot tub, watched wishes from the beach, played games and other things that you do at Girls Night! We went to bed at about 2 and got up at 8 to get us all ready to go stuff our faces at the delicious breakfast buffet and then go play. It was so good, we all ate to much but is was so worth it!
After checking out we headed over to play at Universal Studios. We had 5 hours to do both parks so we had to pick and choose what exactly to do. Luckily they weren’t too busy and our longest wait was like 15 minutes. I love the roller coasters at universal they are so much fun! I also love how Universal makes fun of Disney. It doesn’t bother me at all, it makes me laugh hysterically! There is a huge difference between the two, and it is fun to do something not Disney everyone in a while.
Thursday night we went and saw 17 Again. It is a cute movie, and has a really good story to it. We were laughing nonstop for most of the movie. I then went home and went to bed because I got to be at work at 5:30 am for the marching band and auxiliary performances. It was a lot of fun. My groups were fun to work with, they are a Christian School from Alabama and were pretty good. Then when that was done I headed over to the specialty choir venue to host a choir. There were some really good choirs and a really tragic one. My group was pretty good and one of the kids ended up winning a solo award from the judges. When I finished with my groups I went home and slept I was so tired and didn’t want to do anything. I ended the night watching another movie on the beach. We watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I hadn’t seen it, it was pretty cute but Tiff didn’t really like it. Oh well that’s her problem not mine!
I got to sleep in a little Saturday morning which was a good thing because it was going to be a super long day! The awards ceremony was awesome. Since we couldn’t use Hollywood Studios because of the last weekend of Grad Nite we got to use the Finding Nemo stage. I was in heaven. I love the show and we got to see a lot of the puppets, dressing room, sets and such. I wanted to take pictures but I didn’t I was a good girl. There was a Nazi tech backstage and she probably would’ve flipped if I took any pictures. We did however get floaties and rings to wear when Rene introduced us to have a little fun since we were on the Nemo stage. It was great fun. After we finished with awards we went over to studios to tour Grad Nite and see what all was going on since we helped make calls for this blessed event. It was great fun. We got to hang out and see Hayden Panatierre and Katy Perry at a question/answer event with Junior class officers to make them excited to get their class to come next year. It was cool to be in the same room as the celebrities. Someone asked Hayden what her favorite movie is that she has made and she said remember the Titans. I loved her in that movie, but now she is a little too much for me at times. We then watched the awesome fireworks for the class of 2009 and then watched Katy Perry’s concert. She is one odd girl. She was all over the stage and doesn’t have the greatest live voice. I left before here odd song about kissing a girl and liking it, and at the end she kisses a girl. I went and watched White Tie Affair, they were much better than Katy. We then went and saw the dance parties. They were crazy but the kids were having fun. I am just an old women and don’t like that music.

Now that brings us to Sunday and the 5 hours of sleep I got last night! Today was stake conference and we needed to go early because Elder Holland was here and you know how people get when General Authorities are present. Conference was amazing and we were spiritually fed. Before conference started Tiffany was wandering around and found her good friend Elder Lussier from home who is serving in the Orlando mission. It was fun and a little weird to see him, and then he asked us to stay for a baptism afterwards and we said sure, it would be fun. Tiff has a friend visiting who was a CP last semester and she has a friend serving here also, she saw him before it started and then he invited her to stay for the same baptism. Turns out they are companions. Crazy huh, the world is so small, especially where Disney and the Church are involved! As we were walking into the baptism, which was originally supposed to be for 4 people, turned into 6 people an Elder asked me a question about Tiauna seeing where she was from and what her name was. Turns out they went to high school together. So we are now 3 for 3 of people knowing missionaries serving in Orlando. But just you wait, we end up going 4 for 4 because one of the sisters serving here is a girl that was at EAC the semester I got back from florida the first time. It was crazy. The word is so small!
So anyways we finally made it home and ate we were dying of hunger, because the baptism was quite long. Quick side note on the baptism, during conference the mission president announced the baptism and challenged anyone else that has been investigating that they could come join. One did and so she was kind of spontaneously baptized today. One thing that made me laugh really hard at the baptism is that since there was the spontaneous baptism some people didn’t have towels. One guy came and asked a lady in the stake relief society presidency who was sitting in front of us if they had any in the building, all they had were dish towels. Oh how I love the church. The church is true!
We didn’t have much time to rest and eat because we had to get back to the stake center to practice with our ward choir for the fireside. The fireside was amazing and the musical number turned out pretty good. It was pretty neat; they opened up the floor for questions. Some people asked some really good questions, others asked some odd ones. But I did learn some good stuff. That is the lowdown on my week and all the stuff I did. I am tired and will post pictures later from my many adventures!


Rootbeer Floats said...

Not sure you do enough things over there.... Are you sure you are not bored?

Valerie said...

Disney cruises=overstimulation. Too much to do and not enough time to do it! But then again, that seems to be your life at the moment anyway. Disney cruises are so fun! And Castaway Cay is a nice stop.