Thursday, April 16, 2009

A typical festival day

So this week is a crazy festival weekend, we have 87 groups coming, which is our biggest ever. We can't have our awards ceremony at Hollywood Studios like we usually do because of a lovely event called Grad Nite, that got moved from the Magic Kingdom because people are lame and thats a whole other story.

I have worked with some really cool directors and then some crazy ones where I have no clue what planet they are on and I don't even want to know what they are thinking!

Here are some examples of things that happened today!

I had the first 2 choirs of the day, and they were cool. Guests started mocking me and my "5 more minutes" that I get to do. While I am hosting that group I am informed over the radio that my afternoon group had arrived about the same time that the next group of about 100 boys had arrived. The director of this group was crazy she told me she was planning on arriving at 1:30 not 10, and they were arriving on Disney transport not chartering a bus like they should.

Everyone goes in and sits I take my awesome group out to the bus using the back door since there are now about 200 people trying to get into the theater and the people at the hotel where the performance hall is gets kind of cranky. They get on the bus and say goodbye. They have a bus driver who is a little special and took a while maneuvering out of the parking lot and I had to move so that I didn't end up under the bus! When I walk back in they were cleaning up the stage after a protein spill (Disney lingo for throw up). The kid said he was fine and finished the performance, which he did just fine. I am then told that half of my group is still outside and that they are rehearsing. I get my manager and we kindly go tell her that they really can't be rehearsing right now and moved them to a place out of the way so that they don't get in the way of the "real" hotel guests.

After the huge group it was lunch time, and then my crazy director comes up and asks me if her accompanist can go practice on the piano because they are singing some tough songs and she starts naming all these composers. I tell her no that they have to wait until their warm up time. She didn't like that but oh well, thats the rules! She then has her group go to Downtown Disney for lunch because we can't have the festival guests eat at the resort because they get cranky. About half of them go and they other half just stay there and find benches to go sleep on outside. Then people from the resort come and get mad at us, oh well again not my problem! The rest of the group barely made it back for the performance.

After their performance I go to pick up the signs since the last group had arrived for the evening. We then hear on the radio that at the other choral venue that the boy who threw up earlier, threw up again. We were laughing hysterically! When I walk back inside I see that during the other groups warm up time my group had gone and changed which they were told not to do, there are no changing facilities at the venue.

They were ok, I've heard better, but they thought they were really good. The best thing is they stayed to watch the group after them, who were really good. During the last group's clinic one of the adjudicators stated that they were they best group she had heard all day. My group kind of gasped in shock that the group was told that and not them. So it is now time for everyone to leave and I walk with my group outside to hear what they are going to do because they don't have buses to come pick them up like everyone else. I was so shocked as to what this lady was telling her students. "Take a bus to any of the parks and let your chaperon know which park you are in. Meet at the TTC at 11:30 (the TTC is the parking and bus depot for the Magic Kingdom)." I was shocked how could they do that, let 40 high school students loose on 47 sq miles of freedom and unkowns. They all leave and she is left with some chaperons and everyones clothes in which she then goes looking for a taxi. At this point I don't care I am just sitting there laughing to myself! I am so done and don't care anymore I just wanted to be done with them. If you hear of students gone missing on their school trip to Disneyworld, they are probably one of mine from this crazy group!

Today was just the first day, we shall see what the next 2 have to bring! haha. Not to mention someone fainted and a girl had to sit down because her feet were hurting from her heels. Silly girls that think they have to wear really high heels for performances. This turned out really long, I didn't mean to write this much but I just had to share these funny stories!

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Ho-ly COW. Sheesh. Some people's children.