Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We're all in this together!

Another jam packed week of fun and excitement has come and gone. Tiauna left Saturday morning so the week was her farewell week where we did something every night. It was really bad in the fact that I didn’t cook a single meal I ate out every night.
Monday night Tiauna and I went to Sweet Tomatoes because it recently opened and Tiauna had never been. It was so good! After we ate too much we went and visited some hot tubs around property. Some friends came and joined us after FHE and it was fun. It was nice and relaxing and we also did a little swimming. I was out too late but it was so worth it. It is going to be hard going back into the “real world” but it will be nice, I might get more sleep not doing something every night.
Tuesday was a very interesting adventure. My manger not only schedules what we do at work he likes suggest social things for us to do, so this weeks social activity was going to Arabian Nights. It is a dinner show here in Orlando and we were able to get a good deal on the meal, it was only $10, which almost isn’t worth it. If I had to pay full price I wouldn’t go because it was very interesting. I sat next to my manager Rene and was quite confused the whole time. I would occasionally ask him what the story line was and he wasn’t sure. It would be in Ancient times with an Arabian Princess and then there were modern day cowboys. Yeah not sure what was going on. The food was ok and I was glad I got the steak because those that got the chicken said it was gross. The dessert was the oddest thing of the night. It was a slice of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup that tried to be drizzled on top, but it was kind of more on the plate, but not an artistic on the plate if you know what I mean. The place was tacky and cheap, and I won’t be going back anytime soon. Good thing I only spent $10 on it. Afterwards we went to Epcot for a little bit since it was Cinco de Mayo and people wanted to get margaritas to celebrate in style. Then I watched Illuminations, oh how I love Disney fireworks shows!
Wednesday was the college program graduation party. It was fun and we got our graduation ears. The best thing was we each got our name drawn to get a caricature drawn of us. Mine turned out ok, but Tiauna’s was the best. She had them draw her as Mrs. Incredible, it turned out so good. We then headed over to the Magic Kingdom to take some more pictures and hang out. As we were taking a jumping picture in front of the castle Tiauna’s shorts ripped in a random spot. It was quite hilarious. After that we joined some friends at PF Chang’s. It was so good. I had never been before; it was my first time and for sure not my last!
Now this brings us to Thursday. For lunch I went to Sweet Tomatoes again. Rene had coupons and really wanted to go so we went. We found out when not to go because it was really busy! We wanted to watch a movie on the beach, but we weren’t able to because some convention was having dinner on the beach where the movie is shown. Instead we walked around the Boardwalk and then went to Beaches ‘n’ Cream to divulge ourselves again with a Kitchen sink. There were 6 of us this time and we ate it really fast and I didn’t feel sick afterwards!

For Friday’s festivities I met up with the gang at the Magic Kingdom for a little bit and then we went to Cici’s for dinner. Tiauna wanted to go one more time because they don’t have them where she lives. I was so hungry and tired that I didn’t eat that much. I think I had more cinnamon rolls than anything because they are delicious! Then I dropped the girls off for their all nighter and I went home to sleep because I am an old woman when it come to sleep, I need it! Plus I was getting up at 4:30 to take Tiauna to the airport. That was an interesting excursion. We had a great moment as we were pulling up to the terminal and then we all had a cry fest. After we dropped her off I went home and slept some more and then really got up for the day. Saturday was like a sad day all day because it was the last day of festival too. We did have a rather fun time at work. We started off with lunch, which ended up being alter than planned because the last group to go started late because their accompanist got stuck in traffic.
The final awards ceremony was a blast because we got together and learned the dance from High School Musical and performed it before it started. Some people didn’t think that we would do it or be able to pull it off, but we did. The kids loved it and we had fun being on stage. It was great because the techs got into also and had fun with the lights and were using the spotlights. It fulfilled my need of being on stage. Because every once in a while you need that, well at least I do! Awards only lasted 30 minutes because it was a really small weekend, thanks freaking swine flu for making people cancel trips! I think my favorite part of the evening is when we were all outside waving goodbye we were on San Francisco street in Hollywood Studios standing on the steps of the houses with our Mickey hands. It looked so cool. We got some awesome pictures. It was neat to watch the guests faces as they came around the corner and saw us standing there saying farewell! We then went inside to watch a video of our amazing dance debut. It was pretty good, I am ready for my equity role now Disney, I’m waiting for the phone to ring! Jk. Now we are stuck in the office making sales calls. I can’t wait for my cruise. It is going to be awesome. Stay tuned for next weeks adventures!

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