Sunday, May 3, 2009

That's Incredible!

Another busy week has come and gone here in Orlando! My time is winding down so it is kind of a crunch time to get everything done that we want to before Tiffany and Tiauna leave, since we have pretty much been inseparable these past couple months. Tiauna is now an honorary member of the jones family as far as Tiff and I are concerned!
Wednesday was a day jam packed with fun. We started off at 8am eating delicious butterscotch pancakes which are kind of our new obsession after sampling them at IHOP but we make our own for much cheaper! We then headed off to the Magic Kingdom for a day of character hunting. We started off in the Fairy room right when it opened so that we could skip the hour wait. Tink is so fun to see, the 2 that I have met are quite sassy and very believable. We then went and met Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella. They were tons of fun and we sang with them. Their mother thought that they are better, but she would, we know the truth though! We then continued our hunt and met a lot of characters, and some were really friendly since Tiauna is friends with a lot of them, and Tiff takes pictures of a lot of them. If I had time I would share the stories of meeting everyone but we met 36 characters, so that would be like writing a novel and I don’t have time for that! We then headed over to Epcot. Epcot was tons of fun because a friend of ours from church was friends with the beast that day so we went and took some awesome pictures with him. They turned out so cool and we actually got one printed off our photopass card because I have a Disney Visa and they have a visa room where you meet some characters and then you get a voucher for a free picture from the ones taken in that room. Well when we went to look at the pictures the lighting was bad so we were able to pick anything that we had taken. We had been using our photopass card a lot that day because we got a cool photopass card that you can get 20% off your online order, so we decided we are going to buy the CD with all our pictures on it because we can edit them and then do what ever we want with them when we get the cd so split it between the 3 it won’t be too bad to pay. So we picked our awesome beast picture. Belle stepped out of some of the pictures because Beast told her that he knew us (don’t worry the characters have made up a sign to let people know that they know people).
We then ran over to the studios because they sometimes have random sets the days they do fantasmic to give the cast members more hours. We got to see some random characters like Foulfellow, Jafar, Friar Tuck and Prince John. Tiuana’s friend was friends with Foulfellow that is who we went to see. Then as we left some girls gave us fast passes to Toy Story Mania, and you can’t pass those up! We went and I got another personal high score! I love that ride! We then finished our day of hunting. We were exhausted because we ran all day. We took a breather and got ready for the spring formal that housing puts on. It was an ok event, it was just fun to dress up. It was at Coronado Springs and it is a cool resort. On our way out we noticed some awesome fountains so we stopped to take pictures, great fun!
Thursday Tiauna and I went and watched her friend in Fantasmic since we didn’t have time to see it Wednesday. It was fun, the wind was blowing really hard so we were getting wet. As we were walking out we saw some friends from the ward at started chatting and ended up going and riding tower of terror with them. I love doing random things like that!

Friday was Festival Disney weekend #7, only one more to go. It is crazy how fast it has gone. I hosted my last group. They were a pretty a good jazz band. We heard some good ones Friday and it was interesting that the middle school groups were kind of better than the high schoolers! When I was done I went home and did nothing. I love when I have the opportunity to do that after being so busy. Saturday morning was tons of fun. Tiauna was scheduled for Mrs. Incredible and has wanted to our friend Brian to do Mr. Incredible with her before she left, so she was able to have someone switch sets with Brian so that they could. The plan worked until Frozone called in, so they were going back to back, not together. We are all sad because I was going to get my picture with them before I went to work since I was working at the same park. Luckily since we had it planned Brian came out a few minutes early so that we could take pictures. It was fun, but the character attendant needs to work on her picture taking skills!
Work was fun and we got things plated quickly, so I went and had lunch with Tiauna and Brian during their lunch and it was fun, but then the others I was working with left to go eat somewhere so I was alone for another hour after I got back from my hour break with friends. Then we had a fun awards ceremony, I love them. It is fun to be there because the kids are so excited to be there and we get them all pumped up.
Then today was a great Sabbath day. Going to church at hotel is great fun. The air was broken and we were dying. It is becoming summer in florida and you definitely need air all the time now! We had a splendid CES broadcast and now it is time for bed! We have like something planned each night this week so I will continue to get no sleep! But it is so worth it. So so long till my recap or novel next week!

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