Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tons more to come

I will report on my cruise later, I needed to get caught up first. Tiffany went home last Monday, so it has been different not having her here but I am a big girl and I have cousins coming on wednesday! Before tiff left we went to star wars weekends. They run every weekend the end of may through June, and it's a time for all of the star wars nerds to join forces. It is quite fun to go and see everything, especially all the fun characters they bring out. A friend of ours from the ward is a tusken raider and it was fun to see them and pick out which one he was because of the way he acts. We got some awesome pictures and most of them are on our photopass. I won't tell all who we got, you should be able to figure them out. I will report on the cruise shortly, and it will be in installments because there are lots of pictures of four days of bliss. I leave for home in 14 days! It has flown by so fast, I am so ready to come home but not ready to say goodbye. Real world and grown up job here I come!

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