Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Tales of Taylor Pool

Summer always brings fun and interesting tales, especially funny ones that you never hear anywhere else! There have been many such occurrences this summer and so now I will share the top 2 for 2009.

Story number 2 occurred yesterday. I am also just going to be describing someone, so please take no offense, there is kind of no other way to describe what went on. I started the day guarding the main pool, and right when we opened there weren't too many people swimming in the main pool, so I would occasionally glance over to the diving boards and watch the people dive. There was one such person that was a great pleasure to watch, this fat black kid who is about 16. Watching him try to dive into the pool was hilarious, I can't quite describe it, but it was far from a dive. Just because you put your hands up, doesn't mean you are going to go in head first! I then went inside for my break and continued to laugh about this story and I ask the guard who was at Dive what he thought of the awesome diving abilities of this young man, and he got a kick out of it as well. Well later on while I was at Dive one of the other lifeguards came out to swim some laps and he stripped down into his drag suit. A drag suit is almost a speedo but not as high cut. As he did that someone yelled out, "Speedo!" When he was done he got out and scolded the kids that had yelled speedo. He told them to not disrespect the lifeguards and to make sure they clean up after themselves. He then made the statement (because the big fat black boy was in this group of kids) "Forgive me for trying to stay fit!" Some people are just jealous that they well never look good in a speedo. The kids then got out of the pool and headed over to the snack bar with their heads down to go pick up their mess. It was great.

The greatest story of the summer happened a few weeks ago. I pull up to the pool to go teach swim lessons and there is a cop car sitting in the parking lot, so I was like hmm, I wonder what he is doing. So I walk into the office and my manager Lisa informs me that someone broke into the office and so the cops were here investigating. They really didn't take anything, just left a mess, tore up the locks in the doors. The CSI guy then showed up to take pictures of the scene and look for fingerprints. It was kind of cool to see them work. One of the guards then walked in and was asking what was going on. I told her the CSI guy was here getting fingerprints and such. She was like cool, but no one died unfortunately. Meaning she wanted to see what happens when there is a body, like what we see on tv all the time. It was hilarious.

That is about all, oh wait one more thing, this is kind of just a venting. I have gotten really tan, such is the life of a lifeguard. people comment on my tan and I reply, Thanks, I get it from lifeguarding. Then people ask me if I wear sunscreen. Um yes hello I do. What do you think I am? Yes I know the dangers of the sun. Who are you to tell me about sun safety? I have been a lifeguard for 8 years. I know how to protect myself. ok now I'm stepping off my soap box. I just had to let that out!

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