Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I heart my ghetto kids! part 2

My students continue to say some of the funniest things.  Here is another installment of some of the greatest.

A couple of years ago my sister in law made me an amazing crystal necklace to christmas.  I love to wear it because it is so pretty.  My students like to ask me if it is real and are always telling me how pretty it is and how much they like it.  I replied to one student one time and said yes they are real.  They then told me that I should pawn it and get money for it.  I just had to laugh.  I would never pawn that necklace, I love it so much and I am not desperate for money right now.  They were like 10, how do they know you can pawn stuff and get money, I didn't know what pawn shops were until later.

One of the funniest stories happened yesterday.  So I have a cold right now.  One of my students told me not to get him sick, and I replied, "Well I'm not going to get you sick, you got me sick!"  They then tried to play the you are being racist card.  I told them I am defintely not racist, hello my niece is half mexican and my grandma was born in mexico.  I told the kids I would show them a picture of my niece.  One of the guys got really excited and then asked how old she is.  He was kind of disappointed to find out she is only 5.  I started laughing to myself when I realized why he asked her age.  No you will not go out with her, she is way too young for you!

Here is another story, this is a kind of sketchy one.  So my other school is on a dead end street inside of the durango curve of the i-17.  The past like 2 weeks there has been a bunch of cars parked on the street and I couldn't figure out what they were from.  I think I might have figured out it was some landscaping business and everyone would park there and they would get in trucks and leave to jobsites.  Well this week the cars are gone and the lot were all the landscape trucks were parked in the afternoon are gone.  The property is locked up and there is a for sale sign.  Does anyone else find this a little skecthy?  Illegal operation going on?  I do work in wondrous ghetto phoenix!

One more to make you laugh. Today I was teaching them a song for our concert and it is about caroling.  I asked if any of them had been caroling before.  They replied, no, you don't do that in this neighborhood, all you hear are gun shots.  I heart my ghetto kids!

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Valerie said...

The last one is really sad.