Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yes, I went to Florida again!

Going to Florida during Ocotber break was so much fun and much needed!  Call me a weirdo, but I needed it! I went with Tiffany, my cousin Lindsay and her friend Jessica, we all work at schools so it was easy for us to take time off to go, except for Tiff who still goes to school.  We truly had a blast.
We stalked Tiff on Main Street while she worked to keep her seasonal statues so that she can continue to get us in for free! She took our picture in front of the castle, didn't she do a great job?

We watched the American Idol Experience.  It is one of my favorite shows, well at least the finale show.  You get to see the top 7 singers from the day.  I love the judges, especially since most of them I have seen somewhere before at disney.
Next off was the Magical Kingdom where we met the princesses.  This Cinderella was not one of my favorites.  She was quite ugly, casting what were you thinking?  I don't mean to be so harsh, but hey thats life.
Animal Kingdom was a blast for the short time we were there.  The thing that was wonderful about this trip was that we had all be numerous times so we just hit our favorites. We only did Everest, Finding Nemo and Dinosaur.  Sorry Festival of the Lion King and Safari, we didn't have time for you, we will hit you again on another trip!
Tiff and I on our way to the Magical Kingdom!  
Watching Muppets 3-D.  Why is it that people always have to take pictures with 3-D glasses I don't know why but it is always fun!
Here we are after a lovely florida afternoon downpour. The rain can be nice and overly excessive at times.  It was just coming down in sheets during this particular storm, luckily we came prepared with ponchos.  That is one thing I learned, always have a poncho or umbrella with you in Florida!  It was funny to watch everyone hiding under buildings waiting for the rain to stop and then stare at us smart ones who could still play because they brought ponchos. One little girl wasn't too fond of wearing a poncho and told her mom "I look silly in this"  We told her no you don't we are all wearing them!

Here we are post ponchos when we were far enough in the line where we were safe from the pouring rain.  Don't we pull off the wet look just wonderfully?
UP, need I say more, my favorite movie right now. Too bad Carl had to go in, but Russel will do. If you haven't seen the movie, pleae do, you are missing out on a great adventure!

Another one of my favorites, MISICI, or for those that aren't literate in Disney lingo; Move It Shake It Celebrate It.  It is more than just a parade, you get to join in and dance, great music and great fun.  Make sure you wait for it to circle the hub infront of the castle to join in the celebration.    

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich = heaven! So good.
Old man at the Grand Floridian, just had to stop and take a picture with him.     
Enjoying our Flame Tree BBQ pulled pork sandwhiches.  When we were deciding where to eat at Animal Kingdom or DAK, we unanimously all said Flame Tree.  Their BBQ sauce is so good.  They don't even use the same sauce at different restaurants around proptery. 
The birds have started becoming really dependent on people feeding them, it is bad.  They have started giving you a card with your meal telling you not to feed the animals. 
Kitchen Sink, enough said
We have now made it to Universal Studios.  I love how Universal is definitely not Disney.  They are really hurting right now, which was nice for us.  We got a 2-day park hopper, but could have done it in 1 because the longest we waited for a ride was 20 i think, but on average everything was like 5 min.
This picture is for my sister Marilee.  We were in Seuss Landing and saw this and had to take a picture.  It is the egg that Mayzie had Horton sitting on.  
 The last nigh of our trip we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  It was a blast, you pay extra for it, but there are awesome firworks, amazing halloween parade, candy and face painting are included in the price, and special characters are out.  We had a great night.
Modeling our awesome face painting.  I asked the lady for fun whimsical halloween and this is what she gave me.  I loved it!
Cindy and her Prince.  She was a lot prettier than the one the other day.
Here we have Susie and Perla.  Can you name what movie they are from? (hint: the picture above)
The creepy ghost keeper of the boat.  He looked super creepy.  The barbershop that is on main street also was decked out as a dead quartet and on their costumes you could see how they died.

The headless horsemen starts of the parade, it is pretty awesome, one of my favorite parts of the Boo to You Parade.
As you can tell we had a blast.  I can't wait to go again.  Mesa High is going in the spring for Festival Disney.  I volunteered to be a chaperone, because who better could go on the trip.  Hello I am Festival Disney and I could fill everyone in on all the totally awesome things down there.  Who knows. Until next time!

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