Monday, July 13, 2009

Boy does time Fly!

It has been a month since my amazing internship ended and I headed home to Arizona. Some days I really miss Florida and just want to go back, and then I have to remind myself that I need to move on and find a real job. There are so many things I miss about Florida, which I will list later. Luckily we have texting and facebook to keep us connected!

In the past week I've had 2 interviews at some schools in Phoenix. Interviewing is not too fun and neither is filling out applications. Can I just have a job already?

I can say that I love being a rover this summer for lifeguarding. Since I was missing more than 5 days of the season I had to be on the rover list where I am a sub people call me to fill in for them. So i basically work when I want to, it has been wonderful. It has been quite relaxing, and I still go to the pool and work and play with the kids on occasion. After 7 fulltime summers it's been nice to have a break.

On Friday my niece Cali came over and we went to Kim's friends house to go swimming with my other adorable niece Abigail. We had a ton of fun, especially since Cali doesn't really know how to swim we all took turns working with her a little. Then we took our turns with Abby.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and it was a splendid day. I made another delicious cake. We had the grandparents and my siblings come over for a low key BBQ. Afterwards we were chilling in the front room and I started dancing with Cali. Abigail got such a kick out of it, she sat there laughing at us and looked so intrigued at what we were doing. I would have picked her up and have her start dancing with us but she just had just eaten and shaking a baby that has just eaten is not a good idea if you know what I mean! In a few months she'll dance with us more. It was so much fun, I love spending time with my family and that is one reason that is keeping me from going back to Florida! Those are my thoughts, hopefully someday soon I'll have good news of a job!

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