Friday, July 10, 2009


So my little sister Marilee is probably going to kill me for posting this, but I just had to because it is way too funny not to. Marilee and I are both lifeguards here in Mesa, she coaches at a pool and I do management stuff at another. Well last night was the relay meet and at the end the coaches from each pool compete in a relay as well. Marilee quickly grabbed her suit as she ran out the door for the meet. It then came time for the coaches relay and she went to change into her suit and as she was putting it on she realized she had grabbed mine instead of hers. We both have black suits with the lifeguard logo on them but different brands, so it isn't too hard to tell which is which, but she was just in a hurry. We are definitely not the same size, she has the more gorgeous athletic body shape unlike me. She ended up having to wear clothes on top of the suit so as not to accidentally give someone a show as she was swimming. When she called to tell me what she did I was almost on the floor laughing. So there is your comic relief for the weekend!

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