Sunday, July 19, 2009

We are the Champions!

This week has been a super busy week, I haven't been so busy for a very long time! On Wednesday and Thursday Marilee and I both worked the City of Mesa divisional qualifying meets for the summer swim league. It was great fun and very tiring and did I mention VERY HOT! Good ol' Arizona summers! Thursday I thought for a second I was going to die. I had fun though, I got to line up the little kids and walk them over to their race. We had to end early Wednesday night because a storm was starting to blow in, how I love Monsoon storms in the summer! It was nice but by the end of the night I felt that I was covered in dirt. The good thing about working these meets is I'm getting lots of hours, for the first time in a month I worked 40 hours.

Yesterday was a way fun day. I worked 11-6 and then the rest of the staff came around 5 and we ate a delicious Ned's party sub and then we left for Lifeguard Olympics. Each year we do a synchronized swimming routine, but they changed it this year and each pool made a movie and we did a little synchro in the movie. There was a pool really upset about not doing synchro and so they were out front protesting. It was funny especially since most of them had on intense synchro suits, and real ones that girls wear for competition are intense, you should google them if you haven't seen any. The first event of the evening is the rescue tube relay (a team of 4 swims across the pool, saves a baby)and we won. We were in 2nd place going into the last 2 events from previous events a few weeks ago. The only thing left from keeping us from our victory was our movie. It is a pretty funny movie and hopefully I will be able to post the movie later. We ended getting 3rd place for our movie, but the one that won was so good, I would agree it was better than ours! Each pool got an "Oscar-pop" award (kind of like otter pop, which lifeguards live on during the summer!) After they gave out the Oscar pops they announced the final standings and who won, and we were so excited to hear that we did. It was great fun and a nice accomplishment because we are a "small pool" meaning we have a small staff since we don't have any slides or anything too exciting.

It is now time for a new week. Oh I had an interview on monday, needless to say it didn't go the greatest and I am still looking for a job. There are still some districts I am waiting to hear back from. Hopefully I will find something soon! We'll see what this week brings!

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Allie Jones said...

I love Monsoon season... They never have storms like that here, it just rains a lot... no lightning or thunder :/